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High quality Fairtrade certified sports balls from Pakistan.

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Bala Sport's Fairtrade Story

bala sportWe all like to play fair – right? Well sometimes big brands don’t let us – to bring us the cheapest balls they might skimp on how much they pay the factory - and it’s more often than not that workers and hand stitchers are the ones that lose out. 

Bala Sport was formed to level the playing field between sports consumers and the makers of the balls through a fair price and fair working conditions – and still offer the best quality equipment for enhanced performance..

When a high quality Fairtrade certified sports ball is sold in the UK the buyer is guaranteed that the men and women who made these hand stitched products are paid a fair wage and benefit from fair working conditions and also the additional Fairtrade Premium. 

Recent stats show that retail sales of Fairtrade certified products as a whole in the UK generated £23 million in Fairtrade Premium. This organisation will ensure that in future the amount benefiting sports ball workers in Pakistan will rise significantly. 

Bala Sport is also committed however to supporting sports teams closer to home and to helping bring people of all backgrounds together through sport and ball games.

The Fairtrade Premium is a cash sum used for social, economic and environmental development projects decided upon through a democratic process and typically include free healthcare and educational projects for workers and their families and the wider community. These include free eye tests and treatment, free diabetes checks, free transport to and from work and water purification plants for the whole community to access.

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Fairtrade Certified Footballs

Bala Sport Fairtrade certifie balls are made in the same factories and stitching centres in Sialkot, Pakistan as some of the best known global sports brands. The Bala Pro is our top of the range match ball – made to the same specs as FIFA Approved This ball is carefully hand-stitched in 1.5mm PU with 4 polyester backing layers. 8 wing latex bladder. Official size and weight. Available in size 5 only. The Bala Team training ball is hand stitched by our dedicated teams in Sialkot in 1mm thick PU with a latex bladder. This ball is made to standards equivilent to FIFA Inspected. Available in sizes 3 (under 8 years), size 4 (8-14 years) and size 5. The Bala Play is a keenly priced ball, machine stitched in environmentally and person friendly PVC and made to International Matchball Standard (IMS). Available in sizes 3 (under 8 years), 4 (8-14 years) and 5.