13 January, 2015

It's time for cleaning with meaning

Traidcraft Clean and Fair household range
by Alistair Menzies, Traidcraft

In the world of Fairtrade there is always room for innovation - whether that is developing new products which become Fairtrade firsts, or bringing new groups of farmers into the Fairtrade family, guaranteeing fair prices and a Fairtrade premium for some of the world’s most disadvantaged people.

Traidcraft, who’ve been pioneering fair trade for over 35 years, ticked both boxes last spring when they launched an innovative world-first - a Fairtrade marked household cleaning range, Clean & Fair.

Thanks to the Clean & Fair range, the Fairtrade enthusiast can now enjoy ‘cleaning with meaning’ and wash their laundry, dishes and hands with Fairtrade eco-friendly products for the first time. The whole range is made using only plant-based, natural ingredients and essential oils, and is fully biodegradable.

All products in the range contain FairPalm – an organic, fair trade, sustainably grown palm oil from small-scale multi-cropping farmers at Serendipalm in Ghana, as well as organic Fairtrade coconut oil from smallholder farmers supplying Fair Trade Alliance Kerala (FTAK) in southern India.

Collector of palm oil

On the inclines of the Western Ghats mountain range in Kerala, over 5,000 smallholder farmers grow a wide range of crops allowing them to feed their families and make a small income from selling on the local markets. Most of the farmers in these regions have some coconut trees, and being able to sell their fruit to local Fairtrade partner FTAK not only gives them access to a new market, but the Fairtrade premiums that are paid ensure that a range of community programmes and benefits can be funded. These include provision of clean water supplies, micro-credit schemes for farmers, solar power for school kitchens, and even solar fencing - low voltage electric fences to keep elephants from trampling farmers crops.

Elephants in national park

"The one crop that you will never miss in Kerala is coconut. Every family has it. Anything we can develop that will add value will have an impact of every household in Kerala.”  Tomy Matthew, FTAK

Meanwhile the palm oil farmers at Serendipalm in Ghana are paid fair prices and given support to farm efficiently, and the palm oil processing unit employs over 200 local people on fair wages.

In short, Clean & Fair is great for people, is great for the planet and is great on performance.

Clean and Fair logo


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