13 September, 2017

Organic September: 8 things you didn't know were Fairtrade and organic

Organic September
by Emily McCoy

It’s September and time for the UK’s biggest celebration of all things organic. To help you have a fun but fair Organic September I've picked out some of the most unusual products that are both Fairtrade and organic. 

Fairtrade fights for better rights for farmers and workers around the world. It guarantees a minimum price for workers and supports communities through a Fairtrade Premium to help empower groups of smallholders and invest in techniques and infrastructure that improve people’s prospects.

But I didn't realise just how closely Fairtrade and organic were linked. Organic farming works with nature to ensure the environment (and the people) are protected. It makes complete sense that Fairtrade farmers would also be interested in organic. 

Did you know 51% of Fairtrade farmers also hold organic certification? 

Because Fairtrade puts the power back in the farmers' hands, it means they can learn about the things on the ground that will make a difference. Whether that's reducing the use of pesticides or safeguarding the environment for generations to come. 

By choosing Fairtrade you can help improve the lives and futures of over 1.6 million Fairtrade farmers across the globe. If you look for organic too you can rest assured that further environmental concerns have been taken care of. With this list of tantalising treats to healthy staples, here's eight organic and Fairtrade ideas you can put to the test - I know I will be! 

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Ma's Happy Life Kitchen Organic Coconut Milk
Sourced from small scale farmers and processed in the heart of Sri Lanka, Ma's Fairtrade Coconut Milk is 100% Organic certified by the USDA. Coconut milk is squeezed from fresh coconuts to produce full flavoured and smooth milk, which is perfect for both sweet and savoury dishes.

Where to buy: order online through JTS Fine Food or check the stockist map for a number of independent stores. 

Cost: £1.85 online

Ma's Kitchen Coconut milk

Earl Grey Blue Flower
Big Leaf, Big Flavour, Big Love: this is an exciting classic, big flavoured earl grey tea hand blended at Suki HQ. 

The classic Earl Grey Loose Leaf Tea is good, but Suki wanted to switch up the standard issue synthetic bergamot. So they now source and use the best organic Sicilian bergamot oil available. The addition of Blue Cornflowers makes this a visually stunning tea. It’s a Champion of Champions and a Great Taste Award winner to boot.

Where to Buywww.suki-tea.com  

Cost: Loose Leaf: 100g - £4.90 | 500g - £20.45
Yea Pyramids: Box of 15 - £5.00 | Box of 50 - £14.50

Suki Tea

King Soba Organic Basmati Brown Rice Noodles

King Soba’s rice noodles are a great healthy staple food made from the ‘king of rice’ basmati. These noodles are delicious served in a Japanese style vegetable soup or stir-fried with your favourite spices. They’re also a healthy, gluten-free alternative to pasta.

King Soba are a family business who are focused on the principals of healthy eating and sustainable agriculture. This product is certified organic and Fairtrade, so contains fewer pesticides and is kind to the environment, as well as looking after the people who produce it. 

Where to buy: Holland & Barrett, Amazon, Wholefoods Online plus King Soba

Cost: from £1.99

King Soba Noodles

Gusto Organic Real Cola

Gusto launch two new premium colas in a 275ml glass bottle, new for 2017. Gusto’s Cola is the only organic, lower calorie Fairtrade cola in Europe. 

The two new offerings are identifiably members of the cola family yet they are completely free of non-natural ingredients: so no phosphoric acid, no aspartame and not a hint of synthetic vanilla or petrochemical caffeine.  

The drinks are made in Devon with spring water from the naturally wild Exmoor moors. Gusto Organic Real Cola and Gusto Naturally Slim Cola are both Fairtrade certified and are a blend of organic spices and essential oils with cola nut from the rainforests of Africa, Fairtrade Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar and sweetened with Fairtrade and organic blue agave from Jalisco in Mexico. 

Where to buy: Whole Foods, Ocado & restaurants such as Natural Kitchen 

Gusto Cola

LEMONAID+ Organic & Fairtrade drinks

Lemonaid is a trio of truly sustainable soft drinks – the ingredients are organic, vegan and are sourced from small-scale farming cooperatives in Sri Lanka, Paraguay, Mexico and South Africa. Plus they taste delicious! 

In this range of three, you can choose from luscious lime, summery passionfruit or tantalizing blood orange. The refreshing, lightly sparkling drinks are made from pure fruit juice and 50% less sugar than regular soft drinks. 

Where to buy: Whole Foods, Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Planet Organic, As Nature Intended, Amazon.co.uk and now Ocado.

Cost: from £1.59

Charitea Drinks

Traidcraft’s new organic GEOBARs

Traidcraft has launched GEOBAR’s first ever organic and Fairtrade fruit and nut wholefood bar range, offering a delicious snack which also makes a difference to lives across the globe. 
The bars are launching in three exciting new flavours, Apple & Kale, Carrot & Ginger and Cocoa & Beetroot. They’re packed with Fairtrade dates, raisins, cashews & cocoa from Fairtrade farmers across the globe. 

Where to buywww.traidcraftshop.co.uk
Cost: £1.40 per bar

Traidcraft GEO bars

Little Miracles Ice tea

Watch out for Little Miracle’s enchanting new range of ice-teas. Always on the lookout for more hidden treasures for their consumers, this brand is all set to become the all rounded healthy snack solution for people on the go.
All ingredients are certified organic and Fairtrade packed with goodness and healing properties straight from Mother Nature including ginger, baobab and Mate from South Africa and South America. Replacing cane sugar with natural agave in all their ice-teas they have successfully combined perfect sweetness with cleaner taste.

Where to buy: Waitrose, Holland & Barrett, Whole Foods Market, Asda, Tesco and Ocado
Cost: £1.39 each

Little Miracles Drinks

Waitrose Duchy Organic Fairtrade Bananas

Arguably the nation’s favourite fruit, it’s often a relief to realise that the majority of organic bananas you can buy in the supermarket are Fairtrade too! 

Like this bright bunch from top quality Waitrose Duchy Organic. 

Fairtrade is helping protect the environment and improve sustainable production of bananas by training smallholder farmers and encouraging the use of more natural processes like organic farming.

To find out more
Fairtrade’s Fairer Fruit report 

Where to buy: Waitrose
Cost: £1.90 for 6
Waitrose Bananas

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