Grumpy Mule

Our Fairtrade relationships start at origin & continue harvest after harvest.

Grumpy Mule's Fairtrade Story

Guatemala Jan The way we source coffee at Grumpy Mule is ultimately driven by quality and sustainability and this hasn’t changed since the brand was established in 2006.

We search the globe for the best possible coffee growing environments with the most experienced growers, where Fairtrade coffees are the heart and soul of the coffee farming communities. When we find that location and that grower, we form direct, long lasting relationships.  We stand by a simple rule; we ensure that we always do the right thing by our farmers by paying the prices and respect that they deserve, so that they have opportunities to generate income that helps improve their lives, their communities and to protect their environment.

The Fairtrade Mark on the pack is a clear indication that the coffee has been sourced this way and all Grumpy Mule Fairtrade coffees are also organic.


Our range of award winning Fairtrade & Organic coffees (in the green bags!) includes a beautifully light, tea-like coffee from Ethiopia and a rich, spicy Bolivian coffee produced by women from the Café Femenino Project, where in addition to the Fairtrade premiums, they receive a further premium exclusively for themselves under the Café Femenino Project.

Coffee being poured out of a cafetiere into Grumpy Mule enamel mugs

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