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Taylors of Harrogate's Faitrade Story

Taylors coffee farmer

At Taylors, we rely on our suppliers to grow consistently great quality coffee – so we work extremely hard to build long-lasting relationships with them, investing in their communities and their environment to help ensure both are thriving and resilient. 

We pay fair, sustainable prices and a premium for quality – and our buyers regularly visit the farms and co-operatives we buy from. 

Certifications have a huge impact on improving social and environmental standards – and all the coffee we buy comes from independently certified farms and co-operatives. 

We’ve helped existing suppliers who weren’t certified to work towards the scheme that suits them best, helping to reduce the environmental impact of each farm – from introducing natural water filtration schemes, to preventing soil erosion through better farming techniques. It hasn’t always been easy, but it’s something we’re incredibly proud of.

Frank Tanner, who works in Taylors' coffee buying team, said: “Taylors have bought Fairtrade coffee for over a decade – 14 years. 

“Fika, our refreshing Latin American blend coffee from our core range came into existence in 2017, replacing Good Morning.  This is kaffe, Scandi-style – a serene, crisp roast with mellow flavours of toffee and hazelnut. It’s inspired by fika, the Swedish tradition of taking time to reconnect over a cup.

“Since then, Fairtrade certification has helped us to nurture long-standing relationships with farmers in Nicaragua and Peru. There has been a great amount of development and change since then and Fairtrade continues to be a great platform to support farmers in rural coffee farming communities.

“We also have a Natural Ethiopian Fairtrade coffee which is uniquely fragrant, blooming with aromatic flavours of fruit and honeysuckle.

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Taylors Coffee

Our Fika and Rare Blossom Ethiopia are both 100% Fairtrade, so whether you want time to stop and unwind with our serene, crisp Fika coffee  with delicious notes of toffee and hazelnut,  or a coffee with a taste profile unlike anything else – fruity and fragrant, blooming with aromatic flavours of ripe mango, strawberry and honeysuckle, like our Rare Blossom Ethiopia coffee , there’s a Taylors of Harrogate coffee for you.

Taylors of Harrogate - FikaTaylors of Harrogate - Rare blossoms of Ethiopia