Take Action

You have a new or re-elected MP. We need to show them and the new government that fair trade is a priority and also that you will be counting on their support for UK and EU trade policies that work for and not against the interests of farmers and workers in poor countries.

This is particularly important as the UK government is taking a leading role in agreeing a new set of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) this September and pro-poor fairer trade must be part of these.

Please ask your MP to raise this issue with the Prime Minister and demand he acts now to make trade fair.

We’ll be following up with a big public campaign to highlight this in September, but you can play an important role in helping to lay the foundations for this by meeting or writing to your MP, either before they go on summer recess towards the end of July, or when they return in September. 

It is important for MPs to feel the genuine strength of support for Fairtrade in their constituency to make it a local issue, as well as respond to the call for the UK to play a strong leadership role in putting fairness in trade at the heart of the SDGs.

A personal meeting or letter is the best way of building support for the campaign at this stage, so we haven’t created an online generic letter. For tips on how to engage your MP and ask them to support the campaign, take a look at this campaigner briefing.

If you are able to meet with your MP, ask if you can take a picture with them and this poster. It’s good to have a record of your meeting to share with the wider world, and your MP is likely to be happy to have this shared too, perhaps even on their own website.

If you need further information on the deeper policy issues that underpin this campaign, please read this position paper which outlines a five point agenda for policy coherence.

Tell us how it goes

Please let us know how your MP responds by emailing your notes and photos to campaigns@fairtrade.org.uk.

This helps us to keep track of the progress we’re making with MPs throughout the UK.


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