National Campaigner Committee

The NCC is a group of elected Fairtrade campaigners who each represent a region of the UK.

The committee is a member organisation of the Fairtrade Foundation, with voting rights and responsibilities, and is represented at the annual general meeting.

Members feed into Fairtrade campaign development, and provide a voice for campaigners, so that they have a say in the Fairtrade Foundation’s strategy and planning. The NCC also informs the Foundation about what campaigners need and what their priorities are.

How do I get involved?

NCC meetings are held in the Foundation’s head office and occasionally via teleconference. Summaries are shared in Fairtrade Towns e-newsletters and on this page (see further below), and directly by some representatives where regional networks exist.

Any members of Fairtrade campaign groups registered with the Fairtrade Foundation (Towns, Schools, Universities and Faith communities) are eligible to stand for election to the NCC. Elections are held at regional supporter conferences every 3 years, or in some cases by an electronic vote.

If you’re interested in standing for election to the NCC, drop us a line to find out more. There are 4 places up for election in 2019, representing Scotland, South West, East Midlands and North (North East and Cumbria). To find out more about the role please contact us The (very simple) nomination process can be completed by using this nomination form to put yourself forward or nominate someone else. You will also find the nomination deadlines here.

Who is my representative?

You can contact your representative about Fairtrade campaigns or any issue related to Fairtrade locally or nationally. 

 Name  Group and Region 
Email Address 


Contact us if you’d like to stand or know more 

East England

Nina Tweddle

Enfield Fairtrade Borough, London Fairtrade Diocese and Fairtade London 


Charles Sim

East Ayrshire Fairtrade Zone, Scottish Fair Trade Forum


Martin Sleath

Lake District National Park 

North England

Sue Tuckwell

 Pill, Easton-in-Gordano and Ham Green Fairtrade Group

South West


  Contact us if you’d like to stand or know more 

South East

Mathew Hulbert

Hinckley and Bosworth Fairtrade Forum 

East Midlands

Bernard Emblem

 Bury Fairtrade 

North West


Contact us if you’d like to stand or know more


Mark Dawson

Fairtrade Yorkshire 



Contact us if you’d like to stand or know more 

Northern Ireland

 Andrew Greenall

 Solihull Fairtrade Borough

West Midlands

More Information

The NCC is responsible for:

  • Making sure that Fairtrade campaigners can better feed into the Foundation’s work.
  • Advising on the development and implementation of projects and activities directly involving grassroots supporters, for example, Fairtrade Fortnight.
  • Recommending improvements to existing support for campaigners, in addition to new materials, resources and training opportunities.
  • Advising on developments to existing Fairtrade award schemes, including renewal processes, goals and communications.
  • Advising on new campaign areas and activities.
  • Offering experience and advice around Fairtrade campaigns and campaigners to other teams in the Foundation.
  • Sharing best campaigning practice from regional networks to share with other campaigners.

See full terms of reference here

The NCC helps with the two-way exchange of information between the Foundation and campaign groups. The NCC is represented at the annual general meeting, feeding into the Foundation’s governance. The diagram below shows these relationships in action.

National Campaigner Committee flow chart

NCC Meeting Summaries

The next NCC meeting is scheduled for 11 September 2019. 


26/27 June click here for a summary

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For summaries from meetings up until 2013, please get in touch