Banana farmers paying the price for cheap loose bananas

Bananas are still very cheap

Loose bananas are so cheap that around three in four banana workers in some countries live below the poverty line

In response to an article in the Daily Mail, which reported that a shopper found it “disgusting” that while millions of people live on the poverty line, a pre-packed bag of bananas is being sold for £1 although they would only cost 54p if bought loose, Kevin McCullough, Head of Campaigns at Fairtrade Foundation said:

"It’s possible that shoppers would be more disgusted if they knew that loose bananas are so cheap that around three in four banana workers in countries that supply UK supermarkets live below the poverty line.

"Over the last 10 years, the retail price of loose bananas has halved while the cost of producing them has doubled, and it is banana farmers and workers in the developing world that pay the price, with many trapped in an unrelenting cycle of poverty.

"Retailers including Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and The Co-operative sell 100% Fairtrade bananas, which means they can provide an independent assurance that banana farmers and workers are not suffering as a result of low prices for shoppers.

"Recent research for the Fairtrade Foundation’s Make Bananas Fair campaign found that more than eight in ten UK consumers are willing to pay more for their bananas, if the farmers and workers who produced them benefit.

"So instead of being shocked by the price of bagged bananas, shouldn’t we be ensuring that banana farmers and workers aren’t being asked to pay the price for our cheap fruit?"