Come on in to Coobana Fairtrade Farm

Welcome to Coobana, a co-operative in Panama that was formed in 1991 when a group of 74 courageous workers came together to take their future into their own hands.

The story of Coobana

The story of Coobana starts over a hundred years ago, when the United Fruit Company started exporting bananas from Panama. That one company controlled all banana production and while they profited from this industry, the workers often lived in poverty.

In 1991 however that all changed when 74 workers came together and took their future into their own hands, negotiating a bank loan to buy the plantation and so forming Coobana Banana Co-operative. After a long and difficult journey, in 2010 Coobana started selling on Fairtrade terms to a new buyer – the UK supermarket, Co-op. Since then, that relationship with has flourished with Coobana benefiting from significant investment from Co-op and the Co-op, as a result, being able to commit to selling 100% Fairtrade bananas throughout their stores.

Watch the short films to hear the full story and to hear how Fairtrade has supported Coobana in transforming their work and communities. This film can be downloaded from our Vimeo page

Visit the farm - 360 film

Come on in to the farms and factories of Coobana's Fairtrade bananas! How long does it take bananas to grow? What does it take get a good harvest? What are the challenges? Watch this film to find out.

This is a "360 film" so you can move your cursor around the video to explore the environment. It is best experienced on a mobile device but you can also watch it on an interactive whiteboard, tablet or computer. Schools and campaigners can download the video from our Vimeo page here.  

Meet the Fairtrade farmers and workers

Meet the people at the heart of Fairtrade - the Fairtrade farmers and workers. The people behind some of our favourite food and drinks.

Let us introduce you to Samuel, a Fairtrade coffee farmer in Kenya, though a 360 film.

Meet the farmers

This campaign was organised with the financial support of the European Union.