Renewing Fairtrade Town Status (Action Plan format)

Renew your Fairtrade Town (or other community) status with the 'traditional' action plan format (until December 2018)

Despite the growth in Fairtrade product sales over the past two decades, we still have a long way to go before all trade is fair. It is important that the campaign continues to gain momentum, obtains commitments from new organisations and increases understanding across the community.

Renewals are required one year after status is achieved and following that, once every two years.

From May 2018, Fairtrade Communities are invited to renew their status online, in a newly revamped and simplified process. You are welcome to continue to renew your Fairtrade status using the traditional 'action plan' style until December 2018 however, whilst the new process is phased in. 

In order to renew in this way, download the Renewal Action Plan and return it to You can even use this template form to plan your activities.

Every Fairtrade campaign is different, and the steering group are usually the best placed to know what activities will have the greatest effect in your area. Therefore after achieving Fairtrade status the emphasis of your renewal is on the aspirations and targets set by you for taking your campaign forward, rather than gathering paperwork and reporting back on past activities. This takes the form of an action plan which will help you map out what you want to achieve next, and map out how you will get there. You are free to report on your previous activities in a way that suits you best. 

This update to the Fairtrade Town Guide gives more ideas for renewing your status with an action plan.  

If you feel this form restricts your creativity, you already have an action plan, or would like to use one in a different format, we will seek to be as flexible as possible. Please contact us to arrange renewing in a different way.

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