About Fairtrade Universities and Colleges


The Fairtrade Universities and Colleges scheme started in 2003 when Oxford Brookes University became the first Fairtrade University. It was quickly joined by the University of Birmingham and then the scheme really took off as People & Planet groups across the country took up the challenge. There are now over 160 Fairtrade Universities and Colleges in the UK, with many more working towards status.

What is a Fairtrade University or College?

All across the UK, students and university and college staff are doing fabulous things to make their campuses more ethical. And one of those fabulous things is around raising awareness and availability of products with the FAIRTRADE Mark.

A Fairtrade University or College is one that has made a commitment to supporting and using Fairtrade. They ensure that Fairtrade products are available in as many places as possible and they raise awareness of Fairtrade and the benefits that it brings to producers in developing countries with students and staff.

Why become a Fairtrade University or College?

"When Brookes became the world’s first Fairtrade University, it was an important step towards large institutions recognising their global responsibility. We were proud to be a part of that. And we were proud to be able to initiate a wave of Fairtrade Universities throughout the UK…Thousands of people pass through the doors of Oxford Brookes every year and each one of those people is a potential ambassador to go out and spread the word about Fairtrade throughout the world. The awareness that this is raising among the students and staff at the university will help make a better future for producers in the developing world. We are delighted that Oxford city itself is now a part of that movement and will be spreading the same message.”

Rex Knight, Deputy Vice Chancellor, Oxford Brookes University.

Events for Universities and Colleges

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