Run for Fairtrade

at the British 10k London Run on July 14 2013

Looking for a fun way to support Fairtrade? Up for a challenge in the name of a great cause?

The Fairtrade Foundation is looking for committed and enthusiastic supporters to face a rewarding challenge and raise money to change the lives of farmers and workers in the developing world.

If you want to learn more about the race please read our Q&A, or go ahead and fill in your details below to enter the ballot! Deadline for entries is Sunday 10 March 2013, and you will find out whether you have been selected by Friday 15 March.


I want to learn a little more about the British 10k London Run before I sign up

Click here to have your running questions answered.

I would like to make a donation now

Click here to give now and help bring Fairtrade to the lives of more producers in the developing world.

A 10k run isn't for me, I'd like to raise money in a different way 

Click here to access our online guide and get going with your fundraising!

I'm wondering how Fairtrade is funded

Click here to find out more about Fairtrade Foundation funding, where it comes from and how we spend it.

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