Trevor Leighton is arguably one of Britain’s most important portrait photographers. His stunning pictures adorn the National Portrait Gallery and international fashion magazine covers alike. Actors, musicians, playwrights, comedians and politicians have all been given the Leighton treatment.

To mark Fairtrade Cotton’s fifth anniversary, Trevor teamed up with the Fairtrade Foundation and some of Britain’s best loved personalities to produce a special collection showing off the very best of the Fairtrade Cotton range.

It is hard to fathom the poverty many cotton farmers in West Africa and India experience. Fairtrade Cotton gives farmers the opportunity to improve the livelihoods of their families and their communities by giving them better terms of trade. We hope the next five years will see Fairtrade Cotton increasingly appear on catwalks and in fashion outlets so that cotton farmers in some of the world’s poorest countries can invest in their businesses and create stability in their communities.

Scroll down to watch a behind the scenes video of the photo shoot.




We would like to express our sincere thanks to the following for donating their valuable time to this project:

Photographer: Trevor Leighton
Models: Lisa B, Laura Bailey, Ali Bastian, Lisa Butcher, Louise Cole,
Claire Cooper, Terri Dwyer, Francine Lewis, Genevieve Lake,
Linda Lusardi, Liz Mclarnon, Andrea McLean, Mica Paris,
Amber Rowan, Lisa Snowdon, Nancy Sorrell, Jess & Laura Tilli,
Tia Ward, Kaysha Wright, Nikki Zilli
Stylists: Rachel Fanconi and Cheryl Konteh
Hair: Darren Ambrose, Errol Douglas and
Matthew Wade
Makeup: Charlie Duffy and Sharon Ive
Studio: The Worx
Prints produced by Glasshouse Print

The prints are currently touring the country, visiting Fairtrade towns, colleges, catwalks and much more. To order a set for campaigning purposes, email


In mid November 2010, Fairtrade Foundation held an exciting launch event to unveil the Fairtrade cotton fashion shoot by Trevor Leighton at London's City Hall, marking the fifth anniversary of Fairtrade cotton. The shoot included models Lisa Butcher, Mica Paris, Louise Cole and many more. Here's a behind the scenes video of the photo shoot.

Here's a small selection of photographs from the event at City Hall.