You already know the good old Fairtrade banana. Delicious, dependable and full of the power to change lives. But what about the rest of the Fairtrade fruit family? We’ve made it our mission to tell everyone about the punch pears can pack when they’re Fairtrade and to think twice about the humble plum. We’re talking grapes, melons, lychees, pineapples, satsumas…

All the farmers and workers who grow Fairtrade fruit get a fair price for their products as well as an extra premium to spend on the things they decide their communities need. It could be oranges and lemons letting workers set up a crèche in South Africa, or mangoes bringing clean water to communities in Burkina Faso.

So while you’re choosing your five a day, farmers and workers can choose their next community project. There are 18 more Fairtrade and fruity reasons to power up your fruit bowl. Read more below.

Meet the producers

Learn about the people behind your favourite Fairtrade fruit and see how they use their Fairtrade premium.

Big Chill Ziggurat

Experience the misty heights of Fairtrade fruits at one of the summer's must attend festivals.

What to buy when

Find out what different types of Fairtrade fruit are available year round and in seasonal.

Fruity photos

Browse a selection of snaps for an insight into the hard work that goes into growing Fairtrade fruit.