Beautifully fair! The first ever UK makeup certified to Fairtrade (and organic) standards.

Odylique's Fairtrade story

Trading ethically has always been one of our priorities. So in 2009, with our '2 in 1 Purifying Mint Mask', we were proud to become the first UK brand to launch skin care certified to both organic and Fairtrade standards. The mask is made with Paraguayan Fairtrade organic sugar (used for its wonderful exfoliating properties). Always looking to widen our Fairtrade involvement, in 2011 we launched a natural mineral makeup range which included the first ever lipsticks and eye liners certified to both organic and Fairtrade standards (made with Fairtrade shea). We’re mindful of our commitment to sustainability and minimising our carbon footprint, so we try to strike a balance between sourcing locally, and when ingredients grow outside the UK and Europe, through fair trade organisations. We are looking forward to being able to use even more certified Fairtrade ingredients as they become available. What we love about Fairtrade, apart from the feeling of ‘doing good’ is becoming much closer to the farmers – to the point where you know their names - and you become part of their story.

Photo of Odylique's beauty products


With seven botanical actives including Fairtrade shea these lipsticks are a moisturising vitamin-boost as well as a choice of seven gorgeous natural mineral colours.

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