Rawr Foods Ltd.

Devoted to making chocolate with Fairtrade, organic and raw ingredients.

Rawr's Fairtrade Story

From its foundation in 2008, Rawr has been determined to offer the most ethical chocolate possible. We have long worked with Fairtrade ingredients, and all our products now proudly wear the Fairtrade mark.

We have a deep commitment to purchasing ingredients that support farmers and workers. Fairtrade goes hand-in-hand with our philosophy of environmental sustainability. All Rawr ingredients are natural and certified organic. All packaging is recycled and recyclable where possible, including chocolate wrappers made from recycled cocoa shell.

Rawr’s goal is to make chocolate that can be enjoyed by everyone. Our six flavours are Fairtrade, dairy-free, organic, raw, gluten-free, and guilt-free, with a characterful depth of flavour that can compete with any luxury chocolate bar. Rawr Chocolate is sold around the UK and Europe. 

Rawr Chocolate

The Aztecs considered chocolate an aphrodisiac, we just know it’s scrummy. Our rich '68% chocolate bar' recipe is infused with real vanilla. Double decadence, double pleasure.

 Plain raw chocolate bar

Lucuma Cacao Bar

Velvety smooth, with a sumptuous caramel-like flavour, our Lucuma Cacao Bar is naturally sweetened with coconut sugar. A light addition to our family.

Lucuma raw chocolate bar

Orange Chocolate Bar

Matched to perfection. A deep swell of chocolate brushed with orange. Light, tangy and utterly decadent.

 Orange raw chocolate bar

Mint Chocolate Bar

No need to wait until after eight. Luxuriously chocolatey with the vigour of nature’s original aperitif, Rawr Mint is a perfect refresher for after... anything you like! Commended in the 2015 FreeFrom Food Awards. The judges called it: 'A perfect after-dinner mint chocolate.' 'Well-chosen, nutritious ingredients.’

Mint raw chocolate bar

Rawr chocolate is dairy free, organic, Fairtrade chocolate with no artificial anything! Minimally processed to retain nutritional value.