The Raw Chocolate Company

All our cacao and vanilla ingredients are 100% fairtrade, leading in the Raw Chocolate field.

The Raw Chocolate Company's Fairtrade Story

We have from the start insisted on Fairtrade cacao for our raw chocolate bars, raw chocolate berries and supreme foods range. It has been tough sometimes but with more farmers adopting Fairtrade practices, supply is much more consistent and the quality has also increased. We have very high quality standards and specifics for our cacao – it needs to be raw (un-roasted), un-Dutched, organic and cold pressed. It also needs to be of high quality – Criollo cacao is the rarest, but the best tasting. Searching out supplies of this specialist ingredient has been tricky but we have stuck to the task and we are now very happy with the consistency of supply. We also source Fairtrade organic vanilla from Uganda, which we use in our most popular two bars – Vanoffe and Vanoffe Dark.

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Raw Chocolate

Vanoffe Raw Cacao Confection

Vanilla & lucuma combine with cacao butter to make a vanilla/toffee flavoured treat. Creamy, sumptuous smooth & light.


Vanoffe Dark Raw Chocolate

Criollo Cacao tamed by Vanilla & Lucuma to create a smooth, luxurious temptress. Not too dark, not too light, just right.

Vanoffee dark

Pitch Dark Raw Chocolate

Sun-dried Peruvian Criollo Cacao – perfectly paired with sweet coconut flower nectar. Pure chocolate indulgence.

Pitch dark

Goji & Orange Raw Chocolate

Criollo cacao, powerful goji berries & refreshing orange delicately balanced to sing together and dance on your tongue.

Goji Orange

Mint with Xylitol Raw Chocolate

We use Xylitol made from Finnish Birch to create refreshing, intensely dark raw chocolate with a well poised, natural Mint hit.


Orange with Xylitol Raw Chocolate

Natural Orange is added to our sugar free, intensely dark raw chocolate to create the perfect citrus chocolate balance.

Orange Chocolate

Raw Chocolate Mulberries

Chewy, caramelly Turkish White Mulberries delicately dipped in our glorious raw chocolate. Dare you share them?


Raw Chocolate Goji Berries

Exquisite, sweet/sour Goji Berries perfectly paired with our pure Raw Chocolate.

Goji berries

Cacao Powder

Our un-roasted Peruvian Cacao Powder has a dark and full flavour. Great in smoothies, shakes, puddings, baking and cooking.

cacao powder

Cacao Nibs

Sun-dried Cacao Nibs from the Peruvian hillsides. Add to cereals, salads, desserts and baking or mix with berries and nuts for an awesome snack.

Cacao Butter

Cacao Butter is the edible fat extracted from the raw cacao bean.  A delicious ingredient in raw chocolate & dessert making.

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