Zotter Chocolate

Chocolate can leave a very bitter aftertaste, when you consider that cocoa growers work under severe conditions while others profit from the fruits of their labour. That’s why we support fair trade – not because we want to use a showcase product to raise our profile, but because we are convinced that it’s the right choice for our entire product range.

Zotter Chocolate's Fairtrade Story

Global issues affect local production. Cocoa and cane sugar, two of the essential ingredients for making chocolate, cannot be grown in the fields outside the Zotter Chocolate Factory but as far as we are concerned, the same standards apply. We want close cooperation and local quality, that’s why we source fairly traded ingredients from certified organic production.

We spend a lot of time in the cocoa growing regions and are committed to working closely with our cocoa growers to actively promote social projects and help them improve the quality of their produce.

We regularly invite them to visit our chocolate factory, as most cocoa farmers have never seen inside a chocolate factory and have little knowledge of what their cocoa is used for. By visiting us they get a better understanding of why quality is so important.

Zotter cocoa farm

Chocolate Maker

Organic and Fairtrade chocolate maker

Zotter chocolate maker

The entire Zotter Chocolate range has been Organic and Fairtrade since 2004.