We serve great coffee that does great things. From bean to cup and beyond, all our coffee is as ethical as it comes.

Aspretto's Fairtrade Story

Aspretto coffee farmerBy enjoying our great coffee you are having a positive impact in all our communities too.  In the UK our coffee is triple certified; Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance and Soil Association organic standards, it also tastes great! Our espresso and filter blend coffee from Nicaragua, Guatemala, Sumatra and Peru combined, create a great tasting coffee.  This is a rich full bodied coffee with exotic top notes and a rich silky finish, producing a spicy espresso or a perfect base for a range of speciality drinks. The unique triple certification means that through Fairtrade the farmers and communities are paid a fair price.  Every single bag of Aspretto is 100% traceable to where it was grown so working with Fairtrade you can see what good your cup of coffee is doing in the world!