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Cafeology's Fairtrade Story

Bryan Unkles Ever since Cafeology was founded in Sheffield in 2003 by coffee experts Bryan Unkles and Andy McClatchey, Fairtrade values have been at the forefront of its operation.

Bryan’s interest in the movement was ignited on a trip to Holland, where he was introduced to the European Fairtrade standards of coffee through the Max Havelaar foundation. Further research prompted him to start his own quality coffee business, based on strong ethical standards.

The principles of Fairtrade are dear to Bryan’s heart. He believes today's consumer is more socially aware and that ethical trading is essential for sustainable trade.

Despite huge movements in coffee pricing, Fairtrade ensures that Cafeology’s growers always receive a fair price for their products. By working directly with producers, the company sees at first hand how Fairtrade is assisting farming practices and further developing quality.

Cafeology’s largest selling coffee blend is 100% traceable to source and purchased direct from producers. Speciality grade Arabica coffees, growin in Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala and Costa Rica, are imported straight into the UK.

Direct sourcing has enabled Bryan and Andy to build personal relationships with growers, including Francisco Herrera, President of the Coffee Growers’ Association of Apia in Colombia and Roberto Mata of CoopeDota in Costa Rica.

2014 will see Cafeology launch the world’s first RSPB approved shade-grown Fairtrade coffee for national retail, supporting the protection and growth of natural bird habitats in Guatemala. This gourmet coffee carries both Fairtrade and Smithsonian Institution Bird Friendly certifications.

The company’s Costa Rican coffee is the world’s first certified carbon neutral and Cafeology has put over $60,000 back into the Asoapia group through the Fairtrade Social premium.

It is also helping to promote education, healthcare and economic diversification through its relationship with Coffee Kids, which works with coffee-farming communities throughout Latin America.

In addition to sourcing quality Arabica coffees, their range expands into tea, hot chocolate and cold drinks under the Teaology, Cocoaology and Frappeology brands. Their frappe mix was the first in the UK to be certified by the Fairtrade Foundation.

Cafeology operates on a national scale, working with a range of universities, businesses and independent outlets.

By purchasing through Fairtrade, Cafeology’s producers receive a fair price for their products, even with movements in coffee pricing. Working directly with producers has enabled the company to see how Fairtrade has assisted farming practices while developing the quality further.


Cafeology Fairtrade fresh ground coffee and beans

Cafeology’s coffee is 100% traceable to source and purchased direct from producers. They only  use speciality grade Arabica coffees from growers in Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala and Costa Rica and import straight into the UK. Available to purchase here.


Teaology Fairtrade Kenyan tea

Teaology tea is sourced directly from the Chinga Tea Plantation in Nyeri, Kenya. The plantation is one of 57 smallholder factories managed by the Kenyan Tea Development Agency (KTDA). Available to purchase here.

Frappes & Hot Chocolate

Frappeology & Cocoaology

Cafeology’s sister brands provide Fairtrade frappe powder and soluble hot chocolate for the foodservice industry. The cocoa is produced in the Dominican Republic by the Conacodo and Yacao cooperatives.

Available to purchase here.