Esquires Coffee

Esquires Coffee has the vision of becoming the world’s leading Fairtrade and Organic Coffee retailer.

Esquires' Fairtrade Story

Esquires Coffee has the vision to become the world’s leading organic and Fairtrade coffee retailer. Being certified Fairtrade and organic means Esquires pays a premium for their coffee, tea, sugar and chocolate which gives extra financial support to farmers, so that they can grow their business, be more sustainable and improve their working environment.

Esquires work with their coffee roastery to ensure their beans are ethically sourced from Fairtrade certified cooperatives. In the UK the company source their beans from four cooperatives in Peru, Sumatra, Honduras and Tanzania. The result being a full bodied, rich roast that is also exceptionally smooth.

Esquires are proud to give back to the farmers who help to produce their delicious coffee through working with Fairtrade cooperatives. Esquires are committed to seeking out ethically produced products of the best quality whenever they can.

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Esquires Espresso Blend

Esquires espresso blend is a full bodied, rich roast made with Fairtrade beans from Peru and Honduras.

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