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Matthew Algie's Fairtrade Story

  • Through Fairtrade premiums, Matthew Algie has contributed millions of US dollars to vital community and farm projects
  • Matthew Algie introduced the first Fairtrade espresso beans to the UK in 1997
  • In 2004 we launched the world's first triple-certified espresso (we now have five in our range)
  • Approximately 90% of our total coffee volume is Fairtrade certified
  • We are committed to developing long-term partnerships with the cooperatives we work with. This relational approach has opened up opportunities to collaborate with suppliers and partners such as the Fairtrade Foundation on projects that help to deepen our impact.
Universidad Virtual Capucas - Matthew Algie

COCAFCAL is a coffee cooperative in western Honduras, with many of its farmer members based in the mountains surrounding the Celaque National Park. The cooperative has used their Fairtrade premiums to implement a variety of social, economic and environmental programmes over the years we have been buying coffee from them. It’s been fantastic to see the community benefit from initiatives like their football pitch and children’s sports programme, and farmers profiting from access to organic fertilisers, shade trees and coffee tree seedlings. In 2016 we attended the opening ceremony for a new computer centre for school children and distance learning for University pupils, partly funded by Fairtrade premiums and a donation from one of our customers, Ground Espresso Bars.

Killenso Mokonisa is a small community in the Sidamo highlands area of Southern Ethiopia. Like their ancestors before them, famers here grow and process organic beans on their small-holdings. Remote communities in Ethiopia often lack the social infrastructure that allows for sustainable economic development. Fairtrade premiums have helped to bridge this gap. Thanks to Fairtrade, Killenso Mokonisa now has both a primary and secondary school. In partnership with the Fairtrade Foundation and our customer, a large UK retailer, we implemented a joint programme with Killenso Mokonisa to help farmers improve the quality of their deliciously fruity, naturally processed coffee. The programme has helped diversify farmers’ incomes and reduce their dependence on water availability.

Peruvian farmer - Matthew AlgieThe San Juan del Oro cooperative was the first cooperative to be founded in Peru in 1961. This remote community has utilised Fairtrade premiums to improve local infrastructure, constructing bridges and repairing roads. In recent years, we have been involved in collaborations with San Juan del Oro to help their operations become more sustainable, in particular to assist farmers in becoming more resilient to the impacts of climate change. Our pilot project in partnership with the Fairtrade Foundation, our trading partner, Twin, and one of our UK customers, focused on helping farmers to be better stewards of water on their farms. The successes of the programme earned the project top prize in the 2015 2Degrees Awards and facilitated further programmatic work with coffee farmers in Peru.

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Naturally processed coffee cherries

We're obsessed with giving customers the freshest, tastiest coffee known to beankind. But never at the expense of the farmers or the planet.

Buying Fairtrade certified coffee reassures us and our customers that the farmers we work with are following best practice guidelines on socially, environmentally and economically sustainable coffee farming Furthermore, we know these farmers are getting a fair deal for their hard work.

Our relationships with our farmers go far beyond an e-mail or telephone call to a wholesaler. We visit our principal coffee farmers every couple of years, developing direct relationships and continually raising the bar on quality.