Matthew Algie

Coffee that tastes good & does good. We don't think that's asking too much.

Matthew Algie's Fairtrade Story

  • Through Fairtrade premiums, Matthew Algie has contributed millions of US dollars to vital community and farm projects
  • Matthew Algie introduced the first Fairtrade espresso beans to the UK in 1997
  • In 2004 we launched the world's first triple-certified espresso (we now have eight in our range)
  • Over 90% of our total coffee volume is Fairtrade certified
  • We are Fairtrade innovators, developing sources in challenging environments such as D.R. Congo

Abakundakawa RwandaCoffee cooperatives have played an important part in bringing communities back together in Rwanda over the last two decades. The Abakundakawa co-op has gone a step further in creating a cohesive community by empowering its female members through a pro-active gender programme which makes sure that women are well represented in the co-op management. Their ground-breaking “women’s coffee” programme provides further income for widows and promotes gender equality within the household. The Fairtrade model encourages this type of gender transformative approach.

Killenso Mokonisa is a small community in the Sidamo highlands area of Southern Ethiopia. Like their ancestors before them, famers here grow and process organic beans on their small-holdings. Remote communities in Ethiopia often lack the social infrastructure that allows for sustainable economic development - but Fairtrade premiums have helped to bridge this gap. Thanks to Fairtrade, Killenso Mokonisa now has both a primary and secondary school.

Killenso Mokonisa EthiopiaIlilli Daratu is a small community in the Harar highlands area of Nothern Ethiopia where generations of farmers have grown and processed organic coffee on their small-holdings. Thanks to the Fairtrade premiums that Ililli Daratu has received, this remote community now has an improved social infrastructure to help generate sustainable economic development. With the assistance of a number of Fairtrade buyers, for example, the community now has access to improved drinking water.


Ililli Daratu EthiopiaWe're obsessed with giving customers the freshest, tastiest coffee known to beankind.  But never at the expense of the farmers or the planet.

Working to international standards such as Fairtrade guarantees that our coffee is being produced in a sustainable and fair way.

Our relationships with our farmers go far beyond an e-mail or telephone call to a wholesaler. We visit our principal coffee farmers every couple of years, developing direct relationships and continually raising the bar on quality.