Revolver Co-operative Ltd

We are a coffee cooperative, meaning profit goes to members - not shareholders.

Revolver Co-operative's Fairtrade Story

Revolver Colombia coffeeWe are a multi‐stakeholder co‐operative working with co-operatives in the developing world and cooperative retailers, cooperating rather than competing to maximise opportunities and income for producers and sharing lower prices for customers. We don’t have shareholders, just members and like producers you can take part by joining our society & have your say.

See how Revolver Co-operative supports Fairtrade

Revolver World Fairtrade Coffee

We set aside 25% of profits to re‐invest into producer communities. But we don’t wait to make profits before we act. We are active participants in the community, campaigning on human rights issues and supporting independent NGO’s along the way.

Revolver World Fairtrade Organic Coffee

Our Revolver World range of Fairtrade and Organic 100% Arabica coffees are available in around 400 branches of The Co‐operative Food, Unicorn, Essential & 8th Day Co‐operatives. We don’t believe in blending coffees but in delivering the finest quality coffee from each of our co‐operatives.

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