Wild Bean Cafe

At Wild Bean Cafe we are proud to support Fairtrade products so all our beans are Fairtrade certified and 100% sustainably sourced.

Wild Bean Cafe's Fairtrade Story

Just because you’re on the road, it doesn’t mean you should settle for disappointing pit stops. As a national retailer of high quality coffee, we take our responsibility towards suppliers very seriously. Wild Bean Cafe beans are 100% Fairtrade certified and we are proud that we purchase over 200 tonnes of Fairtrade Certified coffee beans each year, supporting farmers and their families in developing countries. This is because we believe in good coffee. Not only that, but we believe in flavour and freshness. So we make our coffee with proper freshly-ground beans while you wait. From cappuccinos to lattes, espressos to mochas, we’ve got the Fairtrade caffeine kick you’re looking for.

We like to think of it as coffee which leaves a good taste in your mouth.


Our coffee is high quality 100% Arabica sourced from a variety of Fairtrade farmers in Central and Southern American countries to ensure the same great taste on the road all year round when you need it.

Hot Chocolate

We use selected Fairtrade ingredients to give our Hot Chocolate the right balance of taste, aroma and sweetness. This creates a smooth, rich, indulgent chocolate drink for that special treat on the road.