Introducing Compass Group UK & Ireland’s Fairtrade countertop retail range...EATFAIR.

EATFAIR is Compass Group UK & Ireland’s Fairtrade countertop retail range that bestows a donation with every EATFAIR purchase. The initiative - launched during Fairtrade Fortnight 2013, and the EATFAIR range is a selection of the most popular Fairtrade retail products we sell across our sites.

However EATFAIR has so much more to offer than just great food.  For every item that is sold, 5p is donated to EATFAIR’s own Fairtrade projects, established to ensure that growers and producers in developing countries get the best deal for their produce.

One of the projects that EATFAIR is currently supporting is in Eastern Uganda where EATFAIR donations are helping farmers of the Gumutindo co-operative become more sustainable in their production of coffee and food crops. Project details include:

  • Providing farmers with necessary seeds and tools
  • Expert training for farmers, helping them to nourish themselves, their families and businesses
  • Field specialists helping smallholder growers to implement sustainable agricultural practices
  • Partnering with specialist organisations to educate growers on subjects such as; soil structure and fertility, erosion control, subsistence crop development and adapting to climate change

A cow provided by the “Send-a-Cow” initiativeAnother initiative that EATFAIR is supporting in Gumutindo is a “Sustainable Agriculture” initiative. This is where livestock is provided to the co-operative so they have access to milk which they can then drink, or sell to increase their income. The manure from the cows can also be used within the coffee planting process.

The scheme promotes a sustainable way of providing livestock to the co-operative and helps educate the farmers on how to raise and care for their livestock. Not only do the farmers need to wait for a calf to be born to be able to have the animal, they also need to meet a number of criteria to guarantee they are suitable to receive a cow.  These are:

  • Kitchen garden – members must have a functioning vegetable patch that can provide food for the family and importantly the livestock too
  • Construction of their own cow shed - members must construct a cow shed that will provide suitable facilities for the livestock to live in
  • Hygiene and sanitation – the cow shed must be set up to ensure the animal is within a clean environment and one that won’t be detrimental to its health or cause disease
  • Attend regular meetings and training sessions – weekly meetings ensure that the members have structure and understand their responsibilities.  If they do not attend meetings they are unable to receive a cow and attendance is obligatory

Konokoyi, part of the Gumutindo co-operative, is one society where the “Sustainable Agriculture” scheme is thriving. The members of the village trust and understand this as they want a sustainable way of obtaining the animals for the co-operative and long term infrastructure in place.

The main aim of EATFAIR projects is to help farmers across Uganda.  Various activities are undertaken with the farmers that will bring long term benefits to them and their family.  The long term goal is to help them bring their produce directly to market for the optimum price so they can fully reap the rewards of their hard work. 

Compass Group UK & Ireland understands the role it can play in supporting projects around the world that make a real difference.  EATFAIR engages with millions of consumers and can harness their support for Fairtrade produce by donating profits from certain items purchased.

So far, EATFAIR has raised over £60,000 and further to this, the EATFAIR project was awarded the MIDAS Innovation Fairtrade Award in 2013 and 2014.  This was after Compass Group had won the Fairtrade Award in 2009, 2010, 2011 and shortlisted in 2012. 

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