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The Quinoa Specialist.  Tasty, practical and healthy food.  Working with Coopain Cabana- the first Fairtrade certified cooperative in the Peruvian Altiplano.

Quinola's Fairtrade Story

Fairtrade QuinolaQuinola Mothergrain has been working with Coopain Cabana since the end of 2011. Nestled in the hills near Lake Titicaca at 4000m, Coopain are a group of 500 smallholder farmers. They grow quinoa and potatoes, as well as raising livestock such as sheep and llamas. They have won an award for producing Peru’s best quinoa prize and have a deep respect for the environment and the sustainability of their farming. They are amazed and delighted that their grain has found its way into Michelin stared restaurants and onto the shelves of stores in over 10 countries.

As a company we have brought them technical help in improving farming practices, have helped them raise capital for a microfinance scheme and provide pre-financing for their crops. We want to make sure that the farmers continue modernising their farming techniques, with sustainability always at the forefront. As new entrants come into the quinoa market the ancestral methods used by the farmers will soon become uncompetitive. So it is important that they evolve their techniques to improve yields and bring down their costs. By planting nitrogen fixing crops in fallow years or using guano from the coast, yields can be substantially improved without compromising on the quality or ecological impact of the farming. Ph testing of soils with litmus paper is another cheap and easy way of improving crops.

Our ethical DNA is active in France too. We work with people with learning difficulties to get our quinoa packed. The Peruvian farmers are glad that they too are helping disadvantaged people to have a better chance in life.

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Quinoa and Express Quinoa

Award winning quinoa. A versatile and healthy grain, in three varieties. Smooth Pearl, Nutty Red or Crunchy Black. Also available in the Express range - Perfectly cooked every time, our award winning range is a perfect side or a base for a healthy & satisfying salad in minutes.

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