Seasoned Pioneers

Inspiring adventurous cooks is our passion, with a range that includes Fairtrade spices cultivated by communities in Sri Lanka and India.

Seasoned Pioneer's Fairtrade story

For nearly ten years we have been sourcing a selection of top quality Fairtrade spices from Sri Lanka and India. Presented in our unique foil pouches that protect the contents from light and air, they boast flavours and freshness as good as when they left the farming community that produced them. Additionally, all of our Fairtrade products are organically certified.

Seasoned Pioneers are famous for making authentic spice blends and our very first Fairtrade blend was developed in conjunction with the Cooperative in the UK as their Mulled Wine spice mix. We are very glad to help make a difference to the lives of farmers and workers engaged in the spice trade and we display the Fairtrade logo with pride on our spices that are cultivated under this worthwhile scheme.

'Seasoned Pioneers' spelt out in their range of spices

Seasoned Pioneer's range

Seasoned Pioneers range of Fairtrade spices include: black peppercorns, cardamom pods, ground cinnamon, cloves, ground ginger, mace, turmeric, nutmeg, white pepper and mulled wine spices.

black peppercorns

Our Fairtrade spices are available from independent farm shops and delicatessens or direct from our website Online you will also find lots of interesting spice information, hints, tips and recipes from many world cuisines.

ground ginger

We also offer a spice gift pack, Delia’s Spices, developed in conjunction with Delia Smith. The pack includes Fairtrade spices used in recipes in her timeless book Delia’s Cakes.