From importing the first fair trade chocolate to the UK, to the delicious range you see today!

As the UK’s original fair trade pioneers, Traidcraft advocates the importance of organic farming, sustainability, and transparency to the lives of growers and artisans around the world.

Traidcraft's fair trade story

Since it was founded in 1979, Traidcraft has lead the way in proving that fair trade could work professionally.  A movement of radical, church-based individuals began by importing goods directly from artisans and growers around the world, and distributing them directly to shoppers in the UK, cutting out the middlemen.

Throughout the process, the team collaborated with the growers and artisans, and over time getting to know their needs, dreams, and their ambition. It was a partnership – all working together to show trade could be different, and could be fair.

Fair trade was no longer about aid; it was a collaborative process of learning and trading simultaneously.

Over the past 40 years, Traidcraft has pioneered the first fair trade chocolate, coffee, tea, fruit juice, wine, rice, honey, charcoal, rubber, palm oil… Almost everything we know today as fair trade began with Traidcraft.

Discover Traidcraft’s full story and what’s coming next on the shop website, or join the Traidcraft network and sell fair trade with Traidcraft.

Traidcraft tea products

Traidcraft sells a range of fair trade teas from carefully selected smallholder tea growers in Kenya and Malawi. The range includes loose leaf tea, breakfast tea and Earl Grey tea, for the individual and also for catering purposes.

Traidcraft Tea

Traidcraft coffee products

Traidcraft is passionate about great fair trade coffee, and we’re even more passionate about the people who grow it. We’re committed to working with small-scale, marginalised producers for our instant and roast & ground coffee range.

Traidcraft coffee

Traidcraft chocolate products

Every bite of our great-tasting, quality fair trade chocolate also offers the sweet taste of trade justice for small-scale cocoa and sugar farmers in some of the world’s poorest countries. It's more than just chocolate. It's hope in a bar.

Traidcraft also sells the full range of Divine chocolate bars.

Traidcraft Chocolate

Traidcraft sugar products

Traidcraft sells a range of baking products including unrefined fair trade sugars processed and packed in Mauritius as well as white granulated sugar from Swaziland.

Traidcraft sugar products

Traidcraft other products

Traidcraft offers a full range of fair trade food and grocery items – from our iconic stem ginger cookies, to everyday favourites such as Geobar and FairBreak. And we even stock the world’s first Fairtrade marked cleaning range - Clean & Fair.

Geobar is right at the heart of Fairtrade, bringing opportunity and hope to growers around the world. Join us in our joyful mission to change the world one bite at a time.

Traidcraft Geobars

Clean & Fair
Effective, eco-friendly, fair trade cleaning products that guarantee smallholder growers in Ghana and rural India a fair deal and a brighter future. 
For a greener, fairer planet.

Traidcraft Clean & Fair

Traidcraft Cookies
Traidcraft’s luxury range of Fairtrade cookies – including the iconic stem ginger cookie - tastes great and is made using the highest-quality, fair trade ingredients.

Traidcraft biscuits