Liberation Foods is the UK’s first and only Fairtrade nut company and is 44% proudly owned by smallholder nut producers.

Liberation's Fairtrade Story

Liberation brings together smallholder nut producers from around the world. Brazil nut, cashew and peanut producers from Malawi to India to Bolivia are united by a common aim to earn maximum benefit for their families and communities by selling their nuts under a brand that they are proud to call their own.  

Nut farmer in Bolivia

Pictured: Gathering brazil nuts in the Bolivian rainforest by Fairtrade co-operative and Liberation shareholder, the COINACAPA.

Smart snacks

Our new range celebrate the health and nutrition virtues of nuts. There are three tempting types. 

Liberation nuts 'smart range'

Up & at ‘Em is a fruity, nutty mix to keep up energy levels plus a source of vitamin A for healthy eyes. Give me Strength is pure nuts for a fix of protein and magnesium for healthy muscles. Get Up & Glow is the chocolatey gingery nutty one that’s also a source of vitamin B1 and manganese for energy and a healthy heart function.

Savoury snacks

Our classic range of more-ish tasty, crunchy nut snacks - oven baked for the roasted nut flavour.

Liberation nuts savoury snack range

There's the classic 'salted' for the nut connoisseurs, the best selling chilli and lime flavoured cashews with peanuts and the wonderfully addictive roasted corn – inspired by the street food of Nicaragua and our shareholder peanut producers, Del Campo. And the latest addition is peppercorn flavour peanuts with cashew nuts and habas fritas – the crunchy fried broad beans; once you start you can’t stop.

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