Tropical Wholefoods

Tropical Wholefoods – The home of Fairtrade and organic dried fruits, nuts and snack bars. We have won lasting markets for developing country farmers for more than 25 years and run our own dedicated factory in Sunderland.

Tropical Wholefoods’ Fairtrade Story

Tropical Wholefoods began in the early 1990s in Uganda. Farmers wanted to sell their fruits at good prices into the European market but didn’t have the access or infrastructure to supply fresh fruits. Solar drying seemed the answer. It is an affordable technology, uses only renewable energy (the sun), adds value, extends shelf life, and makes fruits more transportable, retaining waste at the point where it was grown. Fruits are sun dried when fresh and fully ripe which captures their full flavours. With our solar drying systems, no preservatives or sugars are added. Tropical Wholefoods set up a network of farmer suppliers in Uganda and soon we were importing sun dried bananas and pineapples. 

After successfully establishing a market for the Ugandan products in the UK, Tropical Wholefoods set up similar partner organizations in Burkina Faso, importing dried mango, and Pakistan, importing primarily apricots, almonds and walnuts. The latter introduced Tropical Wholefoods to working with farmers in countries of political unrest. We have since become specialists in working with farmers isolated either by physical or political landscape.

For Tropical Wholefoods, Fairtrade means more than just buying fruits at Fairtrade prices. We also give technical advise to all our suppliers. This can be helping with factory management and design, advising on organic and Fairtrade certification, or on best agricultural practice. Staff from Africa or Asia can benefit from coming to our factory in Sunderland for in-house training. We also help our partners get development funding and improve their businesses. So enjoy Tropical Wholefoods products, knowing they are good for you, for the environment, and for the communities that produce them.

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Tropical Wholefoods dried fruits

Tropical Wholefoods Mango

Each pack of Tropical Wholefoods fruit is 100% bursting with flavour with fruits dried whilst fully ripe using sustainable drying methods, meaning no sugar is ever added or needed. Each pack of fruit has a story, such as bogoya banana being unique to Uganda or apricots that are fed by the melting glacial waters from the Himalayan Mountains. Each pack of fruit also has a farmer and a community with stories of their own such as women widowed by war in Burkina Faso coming together to form a cooperative, donating their mango and sharing the profits. Beingi Lovence, a pineapple producer in Uganda, cares for her six grandchildren orphaned by AIDS. She uses her income to pay for school fees and books. Each pack of fruit is full of hope.

Tropical Wholefoods snack bars

Tropical Wholefoods Snack Bars

In addition to our work overseas, Tropical Wholefoods brand owner, Fullwell Mill Ltd, are a major manufacture of snack bars in the UK. We use this expertise to produce the Tropical Wholefoods range of bars combining our best selling fruits with savoury nuts and oats. The Tropical Wholefoods 5 Fruit Salad Bar was also the first 100% Fairtrade snack bar in the UK. For other brands, we have also manufactured the first ever UK energy bar, the first functional snack bar, the first mainstream paleo bar range and worked closely in developing a range of Fairtrade fruit bars for Sainsburys in conjunction with Comic Relief. All of these projects help us to further fund development and marketing work with Fairtrade overseas producer groups.

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