Creating and developing a UK market for artisanal Palestinian produce.

Zaytoun's Fairtrade Story

Abu Rafat and ManalZaytoun celebrated 10 years of fairly trading with Palestinian producers in 2014. From volunteer beginnings we pioneered the arrival of the world's first Fairtrade olive oil to UK shop shelves in 2009, supporting small farmers in the West Bank to achieve certification and grow sales. We are proud to now also list Fairtrade almonds in our range. All of our products come from farmers we know, allowing us to support farming families as they build resilience under the harsh conditions of the Israeli occupation. Beyond conflict and upheaval runs the thread of a vibrant culture, and we are proud to share its gifts.

Zaytoun olive oil

Palestine is the home of the olive tree, and Zaytoun's award-winning olive oil connects you with farmers whose ancestors have tended their trees by hand for countless generations. From stone terraces nestled on sun-drenched West Bank hills comes produce grown with wisdom, by people who know their trees both as old friends and as a lifeline for their children.

Organic OliveOil

Zaytoun almonds

Zaytoun's Fairtrade Palestinian almonds are named after Om al-Fahem, the ancient village where this large, crunchy variety originated. Picked and cracked by hand, they are harvested in late summer and sun-dried so they are full of the season's sweetness. Snack on them straight from the pack for a delicious and nutritious treat or visit our website for recipe ideas.


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