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The world’s largest Fairtrade tea brand. Made with pure, natural ingredients and a clear conscience!

Clipper's Fairtrade Story


Clipper has been an ethical business from the start; “it was always about how you want to make a living,” explained founder Mike Brehme, “I was in tea already, and I realised there was child labour involved and I thought that’s no way to make a living.”

Because of Mike and Lorraine Brehme’s guiding principles, Clipper became involved with the Fairtrade Foundation in its earliest stages and policy development. Clipper Teas launched their very first Fairtrade tea in 1994 and are still the UK’s No 1 Fairtrade Tea Company.

Clipper are incredibly proud to offer an entire range of tea, coffee and hot chocolate which is Fairtrade. For them, Fairtrade means working progressively; better prices for producers, decent working conditions, local sustainability, and fair terms of trade for farmers in the developing world. They only work with producers who are striving to improve standards of welfare for workers and their families.

Tea pickers in a field

Through Fairtrade Clipper supports tea producers and surrounding communities, by paying a fair price for their tea, as well as a Fairtrade premium which can be invested back into the business or community. This premium is often spent on improving local infrastructure and supporting community projects, such as roads, schools and medical resources.

Tea Guy James has observed the effect of Fairtrade on the ground:

“It’s been incredible to witness the impact our Fairtrade contributions make to the people on the ground. We were proudly shown around the new community centre and livestock shed in India recently, both paid for with the Fairtrade premium. It makes such a big difference to the local communities.”

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Hot Drinks - Tea

Here at Clipper, we are true tea obsessives! We are proud to make the best tasting tea on the market, sourcing from the best Fairtrade tea estates in the world, blending and packing our delicious teas in the heart of Dorset.

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Hot Drinks - Coffee

Our Fairtrade Organic Instant Coffee is like having a private carnival in your cup!  They have all the flavour of Latin American Arabica's making a toasty, smooth blend, giving you pleasure in an instant.

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Hot Drinks - Hot Chocolate

Luxurious chocolates with a conscience, our Fairtrade hot chocolates are deliciously rich, smooth and satisfying and a delight to have in any kitchen cupboard.

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