Finca Monteflores

The Finca Monteflores range truly demonstrates how fairly traded and sustainable wines can be of premium quality.

Finca Monteflore's Fairtrade story

Finca Monteflores has been owned by the Aulan family since 2001 and forms part of the Mendoza based La Casa del Rey. The estate has been described by wine expert Robert Parker as 'one of the best wineries in Argentina'.

Finca Monteflores became Fairtrade Certified in 2011 following a workers initiative known as The Monteflores Association. The Monteflores Association is comprised of four different groups of vineyard workers, and the winery workers. Each separate vineyard and the winery has elected representatives who, together with two representatives of La Casa del Rey, oversee the use of the Fairtrade premium and work toward the common goal of social improvement. The community is made up of 61 families so that 220 people benefit from the Fairtrade programme in total.

The Fairtrade premium raised from sales of Finca Monteflores has allowed the Monteflores Association to implement an integrated nutritional and health programme. A doctor has been provided to work alongside the community and cover the health needs of workers and their families, the majority of who live in remote areas with little access to medical resources. In addition, access to a healthy diet has been made available with the help and advice of a nutritional professional. Workers and their families are provided with a seasonal ‘basket of food’, with covers the dietary requirements of each family and their individual needs, with special attention given to those with diabetes, celiac disease and malnutrition.

The Finca Monteflores range from La Casa del Rey includes beautifully layered wines which are well balanced  and rich in flavour. The range truly demonstrates how fairly traded and sustainable wines can be of premium quality.

Finca Monteflores worker in the vineyard

Finca Monteflores Malbec

Bright violet in colour, this wine bursts with aromas of plum and blueberry, whilst vanilla and subtle hints of coffee express its time with oak. On the palate it shows supple berry fruits and cinnamon nuances balanced by soft, rounded tannins.

A bottle of Monteflores Malbec

Finca Monteflores Cabernet Sauvignon

Deeply red in colour with violet hues, the nose shows intense pepper and black fruits, with toasted notes originating from oak. On the palate this wine is medium bodied with a silky balance complimented by soft tannins.

Bottle of Finca Monteflores Cabernet Sauvignon