Tell your Fairtrade story to your customers

Find out how you can tell your Fairtrade story and get the most out of your partnership with us.

Tell your customers about the impact that you and Fairtrade are having on the lives of your suppliers. We can help you find out how the suppliers you work with have benefited from their Fairtrade certification and tell that story in a compelling way.

  • Connect with Fairtrade’s UK supporters, including 118,000 Facebook and 98,000 Twitter followers. Keep them up to date with your business and its links to Fairtrade.
  • Feature in our newsletter: Our campaigners love to support businesses working with Fairtrade. Our newsletter goes out quarterly to 29,000 of them and you can tell them about your work with the Foundation, national and local events and campaigns and new products you are releasing or stocking.
  • Get your thoughts on sustainability heard. If you have a viewpoint on a sustainability issue you may be able to submit an article for the Guardian Sustainable Business Hub which we sponsor.
  • Feature on our website. If you sell to the public and have a finished product which carries the official Fairtrade packaging or POS, you can feature your Fairtrade story on our website. Contact for more information
  • Business resources

    Resources to help you and your company drive sales and awareness of Fairtrade products, and to help your customers and colleagues understand Fairtrade better.

  • Connecting with producers

    Fairtrade exists to tip the balance of trade more in favour of the small farmers and workers in developing countries who produce the world’s most vital commodities.