Congratulations on becoming a Fairtrade Workplace of World Changers!

Download your certificate and display with pride.

You can also promote your Fairtrade Workplace of World Changers commitment using our range of materials:

1. Show your staff the impact they could have if they all choose Fairtrade coffee

2. Use our Fairtrade Workplace of World Changers poster to explain Fairtrade.

3. Use the Fairtrade Workplace of World Changers identity on communications talking about your commitment.

3. Let your local press know about your Fairtrade commitments. Use this template and personalise it with quotes and information for your business. The press release must include the phrase By offering Fairtrade tea, coffee and sugar, staff at [company name] are celebrating becoming a Fairtrade Workplace of World Changers. You should not edit the ‘Notes to Editors’ relevant to the Fairtrade Foundation.

4. Make a splash with banana suits, balloons and more from our Fairtrade shop.

But, did you know there is even more that you can do?

Branch out and offer Fairtrade fruit, rice or even wine. If your workplace is as jam-packed as it can be with Fairtrade products, how about kitting out your employees in Fairtrade cotton uniforms? Information on all Fairtrade products can be found in our National Fairtrade Purchasing Guide.

You can also get your staff involved in our latest campaigns.