8 December, 2016

Celebrate Christmas all around the world with Divine Chocolate

by Gemma Hood, PR and social media manager, Divine Chocolate

This year, Divine is celebrating the people who grow the ingredients and the people who enjoy the chocolate from all over the world. With the new Advent calendar, open each window to reveal ‘Merry Christmas’ in languages from 24 different countries where Divine chocolate is sold, made or where the Fairtrade ingredients are sourced. So if you would like to learn how to say Merry Christmas in Twi from Ghana – read on! 

Divine advent calendar

As Divine Chocolate spreads around the globe, more and more chocolate lovers can discover its delicious treats whilst farmers benefit from the Fairtrade price and premium for more of the crops they grow. 

This includes Kuapa Kokoo, the co-operative of 85,000 farmers in Ghana who grow all the cocoa in Divine chocolate. They own 44% of the Divine so share in the profits from the chocolate they help to create, as well as the Fairtrade price and premium for their cocoa beans, which they are empowered to invest in their farms, families and communities. 

Divine Chocolate also sources Fairtrade sugar from Kasinthula Cane Growers Association in Malawi and Fairtrade vanilla from Madagascar, which is why this year you can learn how to say Merry Christmas in Twi from Ghana, Chichewa from Malawi and Malagasy from Madagascar. 

Discover how Christmas is celebrated around the world this Advent, and put a smile on your face with Merry Christmas messages from Africa, Europe and beyond.

divine advent video thumbnail

‘Khrisimasi Yabwino’ from Exford from Malawi, a sugar grower with Kasinthula Cane Growers Association! Watch Merry Christmas from Malawi

Divine advent video thumbnail

‘Afehiya Pa’ from Esther and Samuel, children of cocoa farmers with Kuapa Kokoo in Ghana. Watch Merry Christmas from Kuapa Kokoo 

‘Merry Christmas’ from Helen and Sophie from Fair and Funky Fairtrade shop in Yorkshire. Watch Merry Christmas from England

‘God Jul’ from Per from Fair Trade Friends in Norway. Watch Merry Christmas from Norway

‘Happy Holidays’ from Fairtrade America in the US. Watch Merry Christmas from USA 

‘Frohliche Weihnachten’ from Katja and Ina from Weinrich in Germany. Watch Merry Christmas from Germany 

‘God Jul’ from The House of Fair Trade in Sweden. Watch Merry Christmas from Sweden 

For more festive cheer search for #DivineAdvent on social media or visit www.divinechocolate.com for Christmas gift ideas, delicious recipe ideas and more. 

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