24 March, 2016

How to have a dairy free and Fairtrade Easter

Plamil's dairy free eggs
by Julian, Plamil Foods

Options for those seeking dairy-free chocolate this Easter can be limited, but one company is bucking the trend and showing that you don’t have to sacrifice ethical credentials in the hunt for dairy-free.

We are not a huge company with armies of lawyers, accountants or massive advertising budgets, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make a difference. Our job, which we love, is to make delicious vegan chocolate in our factory in Kent while trying to ensure a fair society with compassion for living creatures and a reduction of the environmental impact of our activities on the planet. 

Ethical Consumer rates us as 18 out of 20 which puts us right at the top of the pile of chocolate companies with a couple of our competitors. We have been producing dairy free vegan Fairtrade chocolate for many years. No ingredients that have been involved in animal testing pass the threshold of our factory which is run on 100% renewable energy. These cherished ethics stretch back to our roots as the longest established vegan company in the UK and are reflected in our relationship with the Fairtrade farmers that grow the cocoa we use.

As a caring company we understand that making a business work is hard work and know that the farmers that grow the Fairtrade organic cocoa we use in our products face challenges that would daunt many of us and work hard to make ends meet. We are always looking for ways to increase the amount of Fairtrade Premium that flows back to these farmers – this is the extra sum of money paid on top of the selling price that farmers democratically decide to invest in projects they choose.

All our cocoa is sourced from a Fairtrade producer group called CONACADO in Dominican Republic. Farmers there have used income from Fairtrade sales and the Fairtrade premium to build and repair schools and provide scholarships and equipment to students from poorer families. A new IT centre has helped children with school work and bring the internet to the community. A clinic, free medical checks, and clean water projects are improving health.

Ramigia Moya is a 68-year-old widow and CONACADO cocoa farmer whose daughter and son-in-law help on her farm. She now has a tap outside her home providing piped spring water for washing and other household chores. Mariano Manzuela, a 64-year-old cocoa farmer with a wife and 11 children, is one of the poorest farmers in his community. Fairtrade premium projects have benefitted his family in several ways: he has taken out a loan to extend and repair his house, his children have received scholarships to pay for school expenses and exam fees, and a new classroom is being built at the primary school his youngest son attends.

These are just some of the inspiring stories made possible by people choosing Plamil chocolate. There will be an overwhelming plethora of chocolate products on sale and consumed this Easter, but if you’re seeking dairy-free chocolate you can do so in the knowledge that you don’t have to sacrifice your ethical credentials with Plamil. This year we have been selling a range of milk free vegan Fairtrade Easter Bunny Bars, Organic Fairtrade Milky Dairy Free and No Added Sugar Expressions bars, Organic Fairtrade Hollow Easter Egg and Half Eggs. The eggs are also available in sugar free versions. 

To browse the range, order online or see a list of stockists head to the Plamil website.

Enjoy! And Happy Easter.

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