15 June, 2017

10 sunny sizzlers for a fairer summer

by Harri Gurney-Hill

It’s June and to bring in the sunshine, Harri from the Fairtrade Supporter Team rounded up a selection of summery Fairtrade products and asked a few of the team to try them out. 

Here’s what we thought. 

Fairground bars

A new kid on the block, these bars are packed with natural ingredients. Made with Fairtrade dates from Tunisia, apricots and almonds from Pakistan, and cashew and mango from Burkina Faso – and nothing else! We can verify that both bars are delicious, you can really taste the fruit, but apricot just pipped it by one vote. 

Available: Fairground.info, Naturallygoodfood.co.uk, As Nature Intended and other good independent health food shops. 

Apricot & Mango bars

Karma Kola

We love that our friends over at Karma Kola have turned their glass bottles into portable picnic-sized cans or 'bans' (baby cans). There’s no way to pick a winner from this delicious and fair trio, but for a spicy punch you can’t beat Gingerella. Gingerella is full of Fairtrade, organic ginger from the Kandy Highlands in Sri Lanka. A firm Fairtrade favourite and we think it would be a great accompaniment to some Fairtrade rum in a summer cocktail.  

Available: Waitrose, Ocado, Wholefoods, Planet Organic and As Nature intended. 

Karma Cola & Gingerella

Westray Chutneys

Westray Chutneys are hand made in Westray, Orkney, which is a Fairtrade Island! They come in an amazing 12 different flavours. Everyone had their favourite but edging ahead was the beetroot and ginger which is packed not only with zesty beetroot and apple, but also raisins, ginger and sugar all on Fairtrade terms. We loved the idea of adding it to burgers, or mixing it with greek yogurt (or dairy free alternative) to dip with pitta. Yum! 

Available: Westraychutney.co.uk

Beetroot & Ginger chutney

Ethical Wine and Spirits, FAIR. Juniper Gin

There was a mini stampede when we opened this beautiful bottle of FAIR. Juniper Gin, made using FAIR. Quinoa Vodka. With Fairtrade juniper berries, coriander and cardamom sourced from a nature reserve in Uzbekistan, this is over and above your average tipple. This deserves a good quality tonic and a twist of lemon, or if you want to impress your friends why not try a sprig of rosemary or a slice of grapefruit. Double thumbs up all round from us! 

Available: boroughwines.co.uk


Co-op Pinot Grigio

You might not know it, but Co-op do the widest range of Fairtrade wine and this Pinot Grigio is perfect for a summer BBQ or to sip whilst watching the tennis. It’s a light fruity number that went down well all across the board. When you buy a bottle you’re helping to provide a clean water supply to the Tilimuqui community in Argentina. Cheers to that! 

Available: Co-op stores Nationwide.

Co-op Fairtrade Pinot Grigio


Noctu is a small family company with roots in Bath and Oslo. Made using 100% organic and Fairtrade certified cotton, we checked out Noctu’s 'Short Nightie', perfect for summer. It’s very soft and lightweight and perfect for warm nights. We love Noctu’s no-nasties approach to chemicals. They use low impact dyes containing no heavy metals, and they don’t need any toxic chemicals to fix to the colour to the fabric. Take your pick from two colours.

Available: noctu.co.uk 

Noctu nightwear

Arctic Iced Coffee

Fairtrade Iced Coffee? Who knew? We were all excited to taste the Arctic Coffee Café Latte which is lovely blend of Fairtrade Arabica coffee and delicious Devon milk. It wasn’t too sweet and gave us all a refreshing pick me up. Extra points from us because the milk is collected within a 30 mile radius of the Devon dairy it’s made in. 

Available: Budgens, Londis, Spar, Nisa, Sainsbury’s and Costcutter

Arctic coffee

Tropical Wholefoods, Sun dried Pineapple 

Nothing says tropical like pineapple! And we love these handy on-the-go bags of delicious Fairtrade organic pineapple. Here’s an extra fact for you, once the pineapples are ripe they are hand sliced and sun dried in specially designed solar driers. How cool is that! We thought that they’d be great for camping trips, long walks or picnics… or just to have in your desk drawer for a fruity afternoon snack.

Available: tropicalwholefoods.com and good independent health food shops.

Tropical pineapple snacks

Cotswold Fudge Co., Seasalt Fudge

We were queuing to try this Cotswold Seasalt Fudge when it arrived! It’s got all the buttery deliciousness of traditional fudge but with just the right balance of Fairtrade sugar and sea salt. We can see why it’s one of the Cotswold Fudge Company’s most popular flavours. 

Available cotswoldfudgeco.co.uk

Cotswold Fudge

Traidcraft, Black Pepper & Poppy Biscuits

Fancy a cracker (or savoury biscuit) to go with your Fairtrade chutney? Then look no further than Traidcraft’s Fairtrade black pepper & poppy seed oaty biscuits. They’re made from Fairtrade rice flour and organic fair trade palm oil produced by smallholders in Ghana. They’re scrummy too, with just a hint of pepperiness. 

Available: traidcraftshop.co.uk

Traidcraft black pepper crackers


  • Jeremy said:
    15/06/2017 13:52

    Where are the vegan products? Whilst I appreciate the value of Fairtrade products, and what it does for people in need, where is the fairness for the animals whose milk, eggs, etc have been used to make some of these products?

  • Rosemary Philip said:
    15/06/2017 14:25

    You should try the Mature Cheddar Cheese Oaty Biscuits, also from Traidcraft! Many people find the peppery ones a bit too peppery, but the cheesy ones are extremely popular.

  • Rev H P Barkham said:
    15/06/2017 15:10


  • Dorothee Thyssen said:
    15/06/2017 17:13

    I am a teacher at a Canterbury School. We are desperately trying to keep our twice-weekly healthy Fairtrade Tuck shop going but are struggling more and more. We have to drop more and more of the products due them either being discontinued (Fairtrade Rice Cakes, Fairbreak bars) or because of how they are being manufactured. We cannot sell anything with nuts (Including almonds) on the ingredients list as we are a nut-free school and have several highly allergic children, especially with Peanut allergies. We had to drop chocolate and yogurt- coated raisins as they mention Peanuts in the allergens list due to the manufacturing process, the same goes for dried apricots. It would be great to produce some healthy nut-free products/ snacks. I am sure that we are not the only school that struggles with this! Best wishes Doro Thyssen and the Junior School Fairtrade Club

  • Julie Taylor said:
    16/06/2017 12:05

    I like the idea of the list but agree with Jeremy - can we have more vegan products? Veganism is growing as people are becoming more and more aware of the animal cruelty and health issues that are plaguing our world. I always support Fairtrade, but I want to also see my fellow animals supported as well. I know there are many vegan, fairtrade products, lets see some on the list. :)

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