27 April, 2018

Where to buy sustainable ethical cotton for your home

by Sharon Ihama

It’s Fashion Revolution Week and we’re joining the revolution and asking who made our clothes. Here are five fantastic companies that are already doing the right things; all of these products are made from Fairtrade cotton.

Homes are a place of comfort, relaxation and indulgence. With these Fairtrade cotton linen and home wear brands you can rest contented because the people growing the raw materials will be too.

This means that the farmers and workers responsible for growing this crucial crop have been treated fairly. They receive a minimum price for their cotton and aren’t put at risk of exploitation. A further Fairtrade Premium is paid to their communities which can help fund important infrastructure to safeguard their livelihoods for the future. 

What’s more? You can even find Fairtrade cotton on the high-street!

Be part of the revolution. Join the campaign. Tag @FairtradeUK and ask your favourite brands #WhoMadeMyClothes?

Read more eye-opening information about cotton and the Fairtrade Textile Standard 

Nour Luxury London

Nour Luxury

Give your bedroom a heavenly elegant and luxurious feel with this 100% organic cotton soft bedding made with the finest certified organic and Fairtrade cotton. Check out their very impressive range that will make your sleep oh so sweet!

Where to buy: Nour Luxury

White and Green

White and Green

From bed linen, to throws and bedspreads, towel sets and even baby beddings, White & Green go the extra mile to make your sleep and homeware truly spectacular. They work with certified organic and Fairtrade cotton farm co-operatives in India to bring you their finest and highest grade cotton with beautiful designs and expert craftsmanship. The rest? Luxury quality products that are made to last.

Where to buy: White and Green

John Lewis

John Lewis

Imagine sleeping in an over-sized version of your favourite, most comfortable t-shirt that gets better and better after each wash. Made from 100% organic and Fairtrade cotton, with untreated fibres, great absorbency and a chemical-free, softer fabric, these sheets have the look and feel of luxurious bed linen in boutique hotels. John Lewis offer Fairtrade cotton sheets in many shops across the country.

Where to buy: John Lewis

Ara Living

Ara Living

With effortless luxury and wonderfully soft bedding made from silky-soft, buttery smooth cotton, Ara Living designs serves to epitomise sophistication and striking charm. Made in India with 100% organic and Fairtrade certified cotton, these eco-friendly products guarantee that no child labour was used from farm right to finish. Beautiful both inside and out, this is truly life changing bedding.

Where to buy: Ara Living

Lily & Mortimer

Lily and Mortimer

Detox your home in style this summer with this amazing collection of organic Fairtrade bedding. Helping create a goodnight sleep for all the family, babies too, you can be sure everyone, right back to the cotton farmers and producers, benefit from a Lily & Mortimer purchase. Not only can they trace their cotton back to the farm where it is produced, but are also committed to sourcing the highest quality cotton for you and the environment.

Where to buy: Lily & Mortimer

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