2 April, 2019

8 Ethical Fairtrade Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs
by Bethan Bottomley

With Easter arriving late this year the anticipation for chocolate treats is building and we can’t get these eggs out of our head!

This time of year means something different to everyone, and by choosing Fairtrade chocolate you can stretch your Easter message a little further and support farmers and workers around the world. 

Here is our pick of treats to crack open this Easter. There is something to satisfy each of the chocoholics in your life. From a vegan flavour train, to some cakey collaborations and right back home to the cocoa pod, get ready to gorge for a cause! 

The Vegan Dark Chocolate Easter Egg

Divine Dark Chocolate Flights of Flavours

Divine Dark Chocolate Flights of Flavours

Perfect for lovers of flavoured chocolate, Divine's Flights of Flavours includes five individually wrapped smooth dark chocolate eggs. With flavours including smooth hazelnut, raspberry and pink Himalayan salt, they offer a taste sensation. Each egg is made from Fairtrade cocoa, grown and picked in Ghana, as well as being vegan and using zero palm oil in the whole process from bean to bar (or egg in this case!).

Where to buyDivine Chocolate

The White Chocolate Easter Egg

New – Cocoa Loco Giant White Chocolate Lemon Drizzle  

Choco Loco Giant White Chocolate Lemon Drizzle

We’re obsessed with the 'outside-the-egg' thinking from Cocoa Loco, so when they announced they were combining lemon drizzle cake with their delicious Easter eggs we knew immediately we had to experience this partnership for ourselves. A firm favourite for cake lovers, this new Easter twist is made from the finest single origin Dominican Republic cocoa beans and is organic as well as Fairtrade certified. 

Where to buy: Cocoa Loco

The Organic Easter Egg

Green & Blacks Organic Butterscotch Easter egg

Green Blacks Organic Butterscoth Easter egg

An original front runner for both Fairtrade and luxury chocolates, Green & Blacks have turned their best selling milk chocolate and butterscotch bar into an Easter egg that we can’t resist adding to our favourites. The thick shell is filled with crunchy butterscotch pieces and can be bought on its own or as part of their ultimate organic Easter egg basket that will keep everyone's chocolate cravings satisfied this Easter. 

Where to buy: Green & Blacks online and many retailers including Waitrose, Ocado and Tesco’s stores 

The Fairtrade Easter Eggs for Children

Cocoa Loco Little Choc Chicks

Cocoa Loco Little Choc Chicks

Another plastic-free option, we’re Loco about Cocoa Loco! Perfect for sharing or a fun alternative to traditional eggs, these feature one smooth milk chocolate chick and one creamy white chocolate chick. 

Where to buy: Coco Loco online

The Artisan Easter Egg

Co-op’s Irresistible Hand Finished Triple Chocolate Artisan Egg 

Co-ops Irresistible Hand Finished Triple Chocolate Artisan Egg

With this impressive Easter egg, you don’t just get a Fairtrade chocolate egg, but also six(!) salted caramel truffles to accompany it. If you’re looking for a way to prolong this treat-eating season then this bonus egg is definitely for you. 

Where to buy: in Co-op stores 

The Fairtrade Chocolate Mini Eggs

Divine Milk Chocolate Speckled Eggs 

Divine Speckled Eggs

Each of these cute speckled eggs contains a smooth milk chocolate centre wrapped inside a crisp sugary shell. Divine suggest they’re perfect for sharing, but we won't tell anyone if you decide to keep them for yourself...

Where to buy: Divine Chocolate online

The Plastic-Free Easter Egg

The Meaningful Chocolate Company’s Real Easter Egg

The Real Egg Fairtrade Easter Egg 2019

Taking us back to the story behind Easter, the Meaningful Chocolate Company’s milk chocolate egg includes an Easter story activity guide to keep the family entertained over the Easter weekend. This 'Real Easter Egg' is plastic free as well as delicious!

Where to buy: Waitrose, Tesco, ASDA, Morrisons or realeasteregg.co.uk

The Unusual Easter Egg

Moser & Roth’s Single Origin Cocoa Pod 

Moser and Roth Single Origin Cocoa Pod

Made from Fairtrade Peruvian cocoa beans, this chocolate has been moulded into the shape of a Peruvian cocoa pod and decorated with a shimmering ombre lustre. It’s available in milk and dark chocolate and is a perfect reminder of the journey that cocoa beans go on before they reach us to enjoy at Easter.

Where to buy: Aldi

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