2 January, 2020

10 Fairtrade products you didn't realise were vegan

Vegan and Fairtrade products
by Heather Nicholson

Whether you're looking to gradually introduce more plant-based foods into your diet, already vegan, or one of the ever-increasing number of people who have committed to Veganuary (we're impressed!), there are plenty of choices to go vegan and Fairtrade! Here are 10 fantastic Fairtrade and vegan products to get you started.

1. Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie Ice Cream 

Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie Ice Cream

It’s heaven in a pot for chocolate lovers and the ultimate proof that vegan ice cream is just as good as the dairy original. Also look out for Ben & Jerry’s non-dairy Peanut Butter and Cookies and Coconutterly Caramel’d, both flavours dangerously easy to find at your local shops. A tub or two (cough, ten) will safely see you through the January blues. 

Where to buy: most major supermarkets including Ocado and Waitrose, see Ben & Jerry's list of stores

2. Zaytoun’s roasted chilli almonds 

Zaytoun roasted chilli almonds

These speciality Om al-Fahem almonds from Palestinian growers have been slowly roasted and tumbled in a chilli seasoning to create a perfect snack. These Fairtrade almonds are named after Om al-Fahem, the ancient village where this large, crunchy variety originated. Picked and shelled by hand, they are harvested in late summer and sun-dried so they’re full of the season’s sweetness. 

Where to buy: Traidcraft 

3. Quinola's black, red and pearl quinoa

Quinoa is so nutritious that NASA feeds it to astronauts on deep space missions. Rocket fuel your day with Quinola's organic grains grown by Fairtrade farmers in Peru. Choose between dried grains or microwave ready packets of pearl, red and black quinoa.

Quinola Organic Quinoa grains

Where to buy: OcadoMorrisonsAbel & ColePlanet OrganicAmazon and more

4. Ma's Happy Life Kitchen Fairtrade Coconut Milk 

Ma's Happy Life Kitchen Organic & Fairtrade Coconut Milk

Sourced from small scale farmers and processed in the heart of Sri Lanka, Ma's Fairtrade Coconut Milk is 100% Organic and an excellent base for vegan desserts such as banoffee pie or savoury dishes such as rich and creamy curries.  

Where to buy: Ethical Superstore 

5. Fairtrade Spices! 

Bart Fairtrade Spice Competition Impage

If you’re switching to a vegan diet, or introducing more plant-based meals into your life, get creative with spices to make your new recipes sing! Luckily there are plenty of high-quality Fairtrade spices available. Look out for Bart and Steenbergs.  

Try making a coconut curry with Ma’s Happy Life Fairtrade coconut milk, Fairtrade turmeric, salt and pepper; for inspiration here’s Melissa Hemsley’s Quick Coconut Lentils with Picked Onion. Or try Melissa Hemsley’s Channa Masala with Fairtrade garam masala (Steenberg’s) and turmeric (Bart or Steenberg’s). 


Steenbergs Fairtrade spice collection 

6. Pico – luxury chocolate that’s vegan and organic


Pico’s entire range of quality chocolate is vegan, palm-oil free, organic and Fairtrade. They source their high-quality cocoa beans from farming organisations in Central and South America, which is then passed to master chocolatiers in Switzerland. Look out for fun flavours such as m*nt crisp, salted caramel and coconut m*lk.  

Where to buy: Selected stores 

7. Co-op Fairtrade Carmenere 

Co-op Fairtrade Carmenere

This Carmenere is soft, yet rich, with a berry mocha richness. Unusually for this neck of the woods, many of the small vineyards that grow the fruit for this wine are owned by women. 

Where to buy: Co-op stores 

8. Seed & Bean vegan collection

Seed & Bean vegan collection

Seed & Bean have a drool-worthy collection of vegan chocolate full of exciting flavours such as Chilli & Lime, Coffee Espresso, Aromatic Fennel and Mandarin & Ginger to name just a few. Organic, Fairtrade and wrapped in compostable packaging, these bars fit neatly into our less plastic, shop ethical aspirations. 

For a real treat, try their hamper filled with an indulgent 12 vegan chocolate bars. 

Where to buy: Seed & Bean 

8.5 Yet more vegan Fairtrade chocolate

Chocolate and Love 

Divine Chocolate - organic and vegan range 

Vego chocolate bar 

Dairy free milk chocolate from Plamil 

Tony’s Chocolonely dark almond sea salt bar 

Cocoa Loco 

9. Propercorn Sweet

Propercorn sweet

Did you know that the lovely guys at Propercorn tested 5 types of sugar before choosing Fairtrade raw cane sugar? 

Where to buy: TescoWaitroseOcadoSainsbury’sAmazon pack of 24 

10. Vegan fudge

Cotswold Fudge Company's vegan fudge

Cotswold Fudge Co make their deliciously creamy fudge by hand in the Oxfordshire Cotswolds. Check out their sea salt, chocolate and vanilla flavoured non-dairy fudge.

Where to buy: Cotswold Fudge Co 

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