18 March, 2020

Top 12 Fairtrade Easter Eggs

Fairtrade Easter Eggs
by Paivi Vahvelainen

With spring on its way and just a few weeks until Easter, we looked at the best ethical Easter eggs on offer this year.

We have searched for the best ethical and Fairtrade Easter eggs around and the great news is that there is something for everyone. Whether you prefer milk chocolate or vegan chocolate, this roundup features lots of new flavours; you’re in for a treat! By choosing Fairtrade you can enjoy your chocolate eggs with a good conscience, knowing that you are benefiting both the producers and the planet.

Mini Eggs - Tony's Chocolonely

Tonys Chocolonely Easter mini eggs

Tony’s Chocolonely is perfect for anyone finding it difficult to choose which egg to go for, their mini eggs offer a wide mix of flavours. They are made with Belgian Fairtrade dark, dark milk and milk chocolate with almond, hazelnut, pretzel pieces, caramel, nougat and sea salt. The bonus is that it is all plastic free, recyclable packaging.  

Where to buy: Sainsbury’s online and in stores, Ocado, Whole Foods and independents

The Giant Easter Egg - Cocoa Loco

Cocoa Loco Vegan Easter Egg

Cocoa Loco's cherry and almond dark chocolate egg weighs a whopping 1.25kg. It’s made of rich 73% dark chocolate and is decorated with blanched almonds and sour cherries. Each egg is filled with jumbo dark chocolate buttons. It's organic, Fairtrade and palm oil free. It’s suitable for vegans.  

Where to buy: Cocoa Loco online, Abel & Cole, Ethical Superstore, Natural Collection and all good independent retailers

Hotcross Bun Easter Egg - Divine

Divine Hot Cross Bun Egg

Divine's Hot Cross Bun Egg is made with milk chocolate and contains smooth milk chocolate mini eggs inside. It’s spiced with juicy raisins and spiced cookies. The Fairtrade cocoa is grown by family farmers in Ghana. It contains only natural ingredients and is 100% palm oil free. 

Where to buy: Divine online, Waitrose, Ocado and Whole Foods

Dark chocolate mini eggs - Divine

Divine mini eggs

These deliciously rich mini eggs are made with Fairtrade chocolate and it's a palm oil free recipe. Divine work exclusively with suppliers that give their workers fair wages, a sustainable livelihood and a safe environment to work in.  

Where to buy: Divine onlineTraidcraft, Waitrose, Ocado and Whole Foods

Lemon Egg - Waitrose 

Lemon Easter Egg Waitrose

The prize for the most imaginative egg goes to Waitrose for their lemon egg which was created by Heston Blumenthal. It’s a surprising treat of creamy, white chocolate made with Fairtrade cocoa, with a sweet, yet citrusy flavour.  

Where to buy: Waitrose  

Banoffee Easter eggs - Waitrose

Banoffee chocolate eggs - Waitrose

Another treat from Heston, his white chocolate egg with a soft and sticky two-tone banoffee centre, with layers of fresh banana puree and dark chocolate caramel ganache. As with all Waitrose own brand chocolate this is made with Fairtrade cocoa. 

Where to buy: Waitrose 

Hand decorated Easter Egg - John Lewis

Hand decorated egg - John Lewis

This John Lewis milk chocolate Easter egg is made from Fairtrade cocoa and hand decorated using coloured cocoa butter. This would be a lovely treat for that special person in your life.  

Where to buy: John Lewis

Maltesers Fairtrade Milk Chocolate Easter Egg

Maltesers Easter Egg

Maltesers have a Fairtrade milk chocolate Easter egg. It has a milk chocolate cover with a honeycomb centre. This will be a real treat for all Maltesers fans. 

Where to buy: Sainsbury's stores and Sainsbury's online 

Organic Dark Chocolate with Hazelnut - Traidcraft

Traidcraft Easter Egg

Traidcraft has brought out this organic egg made with thick, dark chocolate covered with a smattering of finely chopped hazelnut pieces. Despite being dark chocolate it is surprisingly sweet. Once cracked open you’ll find a Fairtrade surprise inside. Suitable for vegans. 

Where to buy: Traidcraft

Chocolate Cocoa Pod - Co-op

Co-op cocoa pod Easter egg

Co-op are getting creative by crafting an Easter egg shaped as an elegant cocoa pod. We absolutely love this egg and can't wait to crack it open! All of Co-op's own brand chocolate is Fairtrade; also look out for their Eggsplosion Easter egg. 

Where to buy: Co-op stores

The Real Easter Egg 

The Real Easter Egg

A deliciously smooth and super thick milk chocolate Easter egg, which comes with a 24-page Easter story-activity book. This Easter egg is produced by The Meaningful Chocolate company who give a chunk of their profits to charities who have social good at their heart.

Where to buy: Traidcraft

Green & Black's Organic Milk Chocolate Easter Egg 

Green and Black Easter Egg

Easter is the perfect time to hide a thick-shelled, milk chocolate egg from that special someone in your life. Green & Black's milk chocolate is enriched with 37% organic cocoa and organic whole milk, giving this darker shade of milk chocolate a cocoa-rich flavour, delivering true taste intensity.

Where to buy: Sainsbury's online and in stores

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