Fairtrade responds to ongoing dairy farmers protests

Cocoa farmer

Commenting on the desperation that is driving dairy farmers to clear their milk from supermarket shelves in protest (The Independent, 4 Aug.), Fairtrade asks whether it is not time for the government to step in on the relentless price wars that are now forcing prices below even the cost of production, and highlights the plight of cocoa farmers in West Africa.

Barbara Crowther, Director of Policy and Public Affairs at the Fairtrade Foundation, said:

"It cannot be in consumers’ interests to see family farm after family farm go out of business here in Britain. The issue is not just unique to milk – this week a report showed child labour has risen 21% in West African cocoa farms since 2008. Cocoa producers continue to grind out a poverty existence whilst producing our luxuries, whilst banana growers will also struggle to make ends meet or pay workers living wages, until the negative impact of cheap food is taken more seriously by politicians and industry alike."