Fairtrade response to Government announcement on the Groceries Code Adjudicator

coffee beans

Tim Aldred, Head of Policy and Research, The Fairtrade Foundation said:

"The Government’s decision not to extend the remit of the Groceries Code Adjudicator to cover farmers in developing nations is a serious missed opportunity.  

"While it is welcome that the Government has acknowledged the unsatisfactory nature of many trading relationships, it is disappointing they have chosen not to take more decisive action, and seem to be overlooking the needs of vulnerable overseas farmers in developing supply chains.  

"As a result many of the people who make the products we love to eat, drink and wear will continue to be undermined by late cancellations and delayed payments from unscrupulous buyers.

"In their statement, ministers say 'this is not the end of the story', and suggest that further government action on unfair trading could follow. Fairtrade will be watching closely and will continue to call for fairer trading practices with the world’s poorest people."