Fairtrade welcomes new DFID appointment

Farmers and Workers

In response to the appointment of Priti Patel as the new Secretary of State for International Development, the Fairtrade Foundation has urged the continuation of vital work to support farmers and workers in lifting themselves out of poverty through more sustainable and fair trade.

Barbara Crowther, Director of Policy and Public Affairs at Fairtrade Foundation, said: 

“We welcome the appointment of Priti Patel as Secretary of State for the Department for International Development. At a time when Britain will be looking to forge more direct new trade deals with the rest of the world, we hope that the new Secretary of State will exert leadership in ensuring a clear focus on fairer, pro-poor models of trade and private sector engagement, not just business as usual in our own self-interest.  Trade, if managed well, has the power to lift millions of people out of poverty, as well as ensure sustainable livelihoods for hard working farmers and workers on whom we rely every day for our food and clothing, amongst other things. With the adoption of the new Global Goals for Sustainable Development, we will be looking to Priti Patel to ensure the voice of all those at the sharp end of global inequality, exploitation and human rights abuses are clearly heard at Theresa May’s new Cabinet table.
"We look forward to engaging with her and the Department for International Development, so that the new vision of Britain working for the many, not just the privileged few, also ensures no one is left behind in our global development agenda too.”