Fairtrade response to International Development Committee report

Responding to the publication of the International Development Committee’s report on DFID’s Economic Development Strategy Tim Aldred, Head of Policy at the Fairtrade Foundation said:

The Fairtrade Foundation welcomes this constructive report from the International Development Committee. We have long campaigned for the government to place poverty reduction at the heart of its approach to economic development and trade. As a nation we have a strong sense of fair play and yet millions of people, who produce the things we love to eat, drink and wear, are being exploited and don’t have enough money to feed themselves or their families.

Ministers are absolutely right to put the UK's aid budget to work changing the lives of such farmers and workers around the world. But clear strategies are needed if UK aid is to deliver Fair Trade which benefits the poorest, not just blind trade that benefits boardrooms and shareholders in isolation. We hope that Ministers will take on board the Committee’s recommendations, putting their weight behind decent work and living incomes in the world's poorest countries.”