Commenting on today's Which? report on 'packaging tricks'

Fairtrade cocoa farmer in Ghana

The Fairtrade Foundation responds to report in Which? relating to cocoa.

The original Which? report offers a clear explanation of how the chocolate industry routinely mixes cocoa beans during the process of chocolate manufacture. It clarifies that Fairtrade works to ensure that even where this happens, through a system known as mass balance, the farmers still receive 100% of the Fairtrade benefit, including a US$200 per tonne premium for their cocoa beans, to be invested in community and farming projects. So if 500 tonnes of cocoa are needed to produce the chocolate, 500 tonnes of Fairtrade cocoa must have been purchased by that company, and the Fairtrade promise of a better deal for farmers and workers remains 100% intact.

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Small scale farmers in West Africa do not control the process of manufacturing chocolate, and by working with chocolate companies in this way, we have been able to deliver considerable and well documented impact for 167,000 farmers and their communities, by increasing the amounts they can sell on Fairtrade terms.

For more information on how Fairtrade is making a positive impact for cocoa growers in West Africa see


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