Fairtrade Foundation at the Conservative Party conference

Fairtrade female cocoa farmer

Fairtrade Foundation will host an event at this year’s Conservative Party conference on how private sector partnerships can benefit women farmers and workers

Join Fairtrade Foundation and CARE International at the Conservative Party conference in Birmingham, to debate whether private partnerships can deliver real benefits for women farmers and workers in the developing world:
Inclusive chocolate? How can private sector partnerships ensure women farmers and workers get a bigger chunk of the benefits?
Monday 29 September, 6.45–8.15pm
Global Development Hub, Marquee, the ICC Birmingham
DFID is increasingly putting taxpayers’ money towards initiatives intended to alleviate poverty – but do private sector partnerships really work?  How do they need to work to reach the poorest?

Many of our supermarket favourites, from chocolate to coffee to tea, depend on women farmers and workers.  But these same women are often at the sharp end of poverty.  How can consumer demand make a real difference to the poorest in developing countries? 

And what does government policy need to look like?  Is government being tough enough with business about the development and human rights gain they expect to see, and what’s really in it for business?

Panel members
Barbara Crowther, Director of Policy & Public Affairs, Fairtrade Foundation
Jonathan Horrell, Director of Sustainability, Mondelēz International
Jeremy Lefroy MP
Gerry Boyle, UK Senior Policy Advisor on Private Sector Engagement, CARE International

Fairtrade chocolate will be provided!