David Cameron must do more to improve trade and tackle poverty

Sugar cane

The Fairtrade Foundation welcomed the news that the UK government is investing in the Caribbean to help develop trade and development, but warned that the government’s action on trade policies must match the rhetoric.

Michael Gidney, CEO of the Fairtrade Foundation, said;


“It’s good to hear that the UK Prime Minister wants to improve trade with Jamaica, yet this is the same government that has already agreed to changes in EU trade that will throw away the livelihoods of thousands of Jamaican sugar farmers – research his government commissioned estimates the changes are likely to push 200,000 people into poverty globally.”


On Sunday, Mr Cameron told the UN he wants trade policies to help deliver progress for the poorest, but the impact on sugar farmers is the exact opposite. The government needs a trade policy that tackles poverty in reality, not in rhetoric.


Background note to editors

Changes to EU CAP reform in 2017 will mean the loss of market access for ACP sugar cane farmers around the world, with Jamaica one of the countries severely affected. The Fairtrade Foundation’s “Show Your Hand” campaign is calling for support for farmers and their communities affected by the change. The Fairtrade Foundation is also calling for government to put in place robust measures to make sure that trade policy helps, and does not harm, the interests of the world’s poorest people.