Homemade with Fairtrade - November

Join us on a journey of learning and experimenting with the surprisingly large range of Fairtrade sugars from around the world with a particular focus on Mauritius, Belize and Malawi. As well as recipes, tips and cheats, Fairtrade sugar farmers will be giving us a window into their kitchens and homelife.

Stir-up Sunday recipe

Stir-up Sunday Christmas Pudding 

In this short film we’ve made it really easy and fun to make this Victorian classic with your family.

Stir-up Sunday is when families gather in their kitchens on the last Sunday in November to mix and steam Christmas pudding. With our film you can help your children understand more about where the ingredients in this festive favourite come from.

In some households, a silver coin is added to the pudding mix. In our film you will see that Miranda uses a Malawian coin as the sugar she is using is from there. It is believed that finding a coin brings good luck. 

This month we're delighted to be partnering with Bake Off finalist and food writer Miranda Gore Browne and Sainsbury's, who stock a wide range of Fairtrade certified sugar from Malawi and baking ingredients.

Download the recipe


Christmas Pudding

Christmas Pudding Cheesecake

Masterchef finalist, Tony Rodd gives us two approaches to Christmas Pudding that make it into an exciting and unique desert.

The first more radical approach is something that works well if you slightly overcook the cake and for kids who aren't huge fans of Christmas pudding. Why not make it into a cheesecake? Bake the Christmas pudding as per the recipe and allow it to cool. Crumble this into a bowl with 50g of melted unsalted butter and tip it into a lined cheesecake tin. Now make the filling. Combine the seeds of a vanilla pod, 500g of ricotta, 100g of icing sugar and 250ml of double cream in a bowl and beat together. Pour over the pudding base and place in a fridge overnight to set. Dust the top with a little cinnamon and icing sugar for a Christmas scent. Perfect.

Christmas Pudding Cheesecake

And the traditional route...

Stick with the normal recipe but add to it extra flavours and ingredients to make it your own. Don't feel you need to adhere to a recipe just because it's printed on paper. I love to add dried cranberries, loganberries and lingonberries to mine but dried apricots, apple or plums also work well. You can also add more nuts or switch out the alcohol for something more to your taste. The only thing you need to remember is to keep the quantities of dried fruit or booze the same as the recipe as otherwise you can change the structure of the pudding.

Thanks Tony!

The Malawian way 

We had the chance to talk to Regina Joe, a Fairtrade sugar cane farmer from Kasinthula Cane Grower’s Association who told us:

“Sugar is an important sweet ingredient used for preparing different kinds of food. Fairtrade has developed me in many ways; through Fairtrade I have managed to build a good house, purchase furniture for my house, educate my children and have also managed to buy bicycles which my family and I use when going to our sugarcane fields to cultivate."

Fancy a challenge? Still got the Barbeque handy?! Regina Joe, has sent us a recipe from Malawi. She would love to see your take on her Chigumu cake.

Download the recipe

Regina Joe making a Chigumu cake

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Are you stirring up a Christmas Pudding this Sunday? 

For a chance to win one of five sets of matching child and adult aprons email us at homemade@fairtrade.org.uk with a photo of you making your Fairtrade Christmas Pudding. Please include the Fairtrade ingredients, preferably in their packaging, in the photo. The closing date is midnight on the 29th November 2015. The Premier aprons are pictured below, you can choose from all of these colours! 

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